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Scam Websites

The Internet, with it's infinite websites and videos, can be a great resource with useful information and sharing tips. The Internet can also be filled with lots of crime with wrong information that lures you into buying something that is fake. Over the years, the Internet has been our main focus and has helped our business grow as we expand and ship to every part of the United States. Our Team at NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS spends countless hours managing our brick-n-mortar Store as well as our website, We have been a reputable USA Outdoor & Knife Store or over 10 Years!  

It has been brought to our attention there are new copycat scamming websites that are infringing on our business likeness and operating fake sites to trick online customers into buying something at half off and flash deals that are simply fake and not true. We've talked with different customers that called our Store to let us know, there have been three websites operating out of China and are fooling people to think they are buying expensive gear at cheap prices while using our business logo and product images.

While copycat websites love to impersonate many large stores, It can also happen to smaller businesses. We  wanted to inform our Customers that when buying a gear online from any website seems to be good to be true, then stop and think about your purchase before proceeding. Does the Website URL address that you are buying from have our website name " If so, then our website is secure and safe using the highest grade encryption. Rest assured that our team will send you an email confirmation after ordering and fulfill your web order as an authorized dealer. We've included many tips to help keep you information as well as listed some of the bogus infringing websites that are scams. 

Our only authorize website for NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS is

Visit and rest assured you're buying quality gear and knives from a reputable and authorized dealer that's been in business since 2012. Notice: Our website has lots of product reviews, our business logo is clear, and the website looks professional. Also, we have a Contact and About Us Section information that list our only physical address: 2941 RIVER ROAD W GOOCHLAND VA 23063.

There are many fake websites and misleading information on the Internet so be careful. Here are three websites that are not owned by NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS and are operating using our business likeness and scamming customers. We have worked hard at building trust with our customers and have notified the appropriate authorities and issued DMCA Takedown notices to the following sites:

Scam Websites: Do Not Buy From Fake Sites

Here are some useful security tips when buying Online:

1. Always Check the URL Web Address and make sure it's from a trusted and known site. Our Business name is NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS and our website is If you go to a website that uses our logo and has a different URL Address, then stay away. 

2. Check the website to see if it  looks professional and has a clear business logo and with active product reviews. You'll notice on our website, we have real-time inventory counts and product reviews. A lot of scam sites are temporary and do not that have information. Check out our logo above and see how the site was designed professionally and flows well. Scamming sites use  low resolution logos and your unable to see our name "NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS" to the right of our copyrighted logo.

3. Beware of Amazing Deals.
The scam sites use the word half-off, flash deals and even used the word "cheap" in the product headings. While we sell every gear at low Internet Pricing, we do not do flash sales or half off. Watch for websites that give you half-off and remember if it sounds to be good to be true, then it probably is a scam.

4. Always Pay with Credit, Never Debit.
When in doubt, only pay with credit card. You'll have full credit monitoring and chargeback protection and will be notified if your card was used falsely. 

Visit our website, for a safe and secure ordering experience! Never from fake sites like below:

What A Fake Website Looks Like


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