Our Story


NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS (NRO) was born from the love and passion we have for the Outdoors! We're unique because we provide a real store, real people and experience, great customer service, easy returns, and knowledgeable team for your Outdoors needs. Since 2012, NRO has been one of the largest Knife, Axe and Outdoor Gear Store in Central Virginia! We specialize in providing High Quality Outdoor, Bushcrafting and Camping Gear at Great Prices! We teach regular Survival and Outdoor classes for our customers. Today, our Website has been one of the leading sources for quality axes for the last five years! We're proud of our hard work since 2012. Visit us at an Online, Outdoor and Knife Shows in mid-Atlantic area or at our Richmond Virginia Store to see our Selection and Quality Gear.  


We're located in Richmond in Central Virginia. We're one hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains and one hour from the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Surrounded by beauty, NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS specializes in high quality Outdoor Gear & Outerwear to fit your adventure needs. We're Outdoor Gear Experts who have logged their fair share of using the great and have hiked miles on the trail. Real people with the mission is to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, and to provide hands-on product training. 


Store Number: 804-556-1006 

Store Hours: Mon - Thurs: 1 - 8:00PM Saturday / Sunday: Shows & Events

NRO Store
Jesse C. Owner NRO

Jesse C. (Owner) - Passion for the Outdoors, Adventure and Gear. Growing up in Georgia, I hiked/camped the Great Smokey Mountains and spending time fishing/kayaking on the beautiful saltwater coast at an early age of my life. Growing up a boy scout and now a Scout Leader, I love being outdoors and it has always felt like home. Exploring the mountains, rivers and the ocean waters every chance I can.

Lacey C. (Owner, Wife & Mother) - Lacey enjoys the beach and being outdoors. Whether camping, hiking, or spending time relaxing in her beach chair. Lacey loves to soak up the sun and relax.

Neal C. (Online, Gear Expert) - I am a long-term outdoor enthusiast that loves camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, and wilderness exploring. I truly believe that Nature is one of our greatest teachers! There is so much you can learn and love with being outdoors. I share this passion and my life goal is to camp and hike at every US National Park!

Alex the Man at NRO

Alex R. (Outdoor Wilderness Expert) - Growing up in Michigan, I always had a passion for the outdoors. I spent each day in the woods, no matter the weather, always hunting and fishing with my siblings; but my love for the outdoors wasn’t realized until I moved to Virginia where I explored the Shenandoah mountains. I took this passion with me to Maine, where I lived while attending college. Since moving back to Virginia I have found myself going back to Maine countless times for backpacking in very remote areas.

Zach C NRO Zach C. (Musician & Outdoor Expert) - I was first introduced to the world of bushcraft and survival through a number of books that I read as a child (My side of the mountain, Hatchet, Into the wild) that ignited my interest and passion for the outdoors. I spent a good portion of my childhood outside building forts and trying to put my book knowledge to use, along with finding out different ways to start a fire. Today, I'm still in love with nature as ever before, whether it's hiking the Shenandoah valley with friends, or simply sitting on my back porch strumming my acoustic guitar.