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New Axe Room

Axes have been used by mankind over a million years. Throughout history, the axe has helped create a source of wood for our fires, build our houses and protect ourselves against enemies, and that’s just scratching the surface. For much of human history, the axe has meant the difference between life and death and has served as a useful tool. 

We're proud to offer our largest collection of the axe brands from around the world in our new dedicated Axe Room at NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS! The concept for our new Axe Room is something that we're very passionate about and wanted for some time. We have a tremendous passion for quality Axes, Hatchets and wanted to expand to included tomahawks! Together, we combined all three areas of tools into our dedicated room where you can easily handle and hold. 

Visit our new Axe Room at NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS, at 2941 River Road W. Goochland Virginia and also shop online for a wide selection of Axes, Hatchets & Hawks at

Axes, Hatchets & Tomahawks

New Dedicated Axe Room at NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS

Building a new dedicated Axe Room to showcase our gear seemed like a perfect fit for our Store. Our axe inventory and brands kept growing over the years and we needed more space. Recently, we expanded our axe lines to include tomahawks and wanted a new section dedicated to showcase these tools. With a recent remodeled of our downstairs show room, we expanded to add grid panels and all new led efficient track lighting across the whole room. We've added 25 new led spot lights that produces over 12,000 lumens. Now we have a way to showcase each of these beautiful tools for our customers!

With the axe room remodel, we didn't stop with new lights. We added extras such as authentic bourbon barrel (compliments of our friend, Greg!) and an authentic anvil and turkey display that came from both friends and family (Thanks Dad!) to bring the new room to life!

Granfors Axes in our New Axe Room

Axe Brands (New & Existing)

We carry some of the best Axes, Hatchets & Tomahawks lines from the following companies:

• Gransfors Bruk (Sweden)
• Hults Bruk (Sweden)
• Adler Axes (Germany)
• Helko Werk (Germany)
• Toor Axes & Hawks (USA)
• Council Tools (USA)
• TOPS Axes & Hawks (USA)

Gransfors Bruk (Sweden)
Over more than 100 years, Gränsfors Bruks AB has built up a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Each tool is hand forged and stamped by the individual forger that built your axe.


Hults Bruk (Sweden)
The Hults Bruk story begins in 1697, hand forging steel and iron with water driven hammers. Over the last three centuries, Hults Bruk has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing premium Swedish axes. Our collection of axes, hatchets, splitting and felling axes are made for working outdoors the traditional way.

Adler Axes (Germany)
Since 1919, Adler offers hatchets and axes for every need. A range of quality cutting tools are available from specialty and traditional hatchets to heavy splitters all at an affordable cost. All Adler Axes & Hatchets are machine/dropped forged with quality C45 steel then Hand finished, Hand Sharpened. Made in Germany.

Helko Werk (Germany)
Quality Axes made in Germany since 1844. Helko's hand forged axes are some of the finest in in the world and used professionally out in the field.

Toor Axes & Hawks (USA)
Toor axes are the product of years of relentless testing, and we have refined each one to make the perfect tool for Operators and ... MADE IN THE USA.

Council Tools (USA)
Since 1886. At Council Tool, we specialize in professional-grade, American-made forged striking tools: axes, mauls, sledgehammers, pry bars, fire tools and axe throwers. Check out there Velvicut line (North American pattern axes) and the Wood-Craft line (Unique designs/patterns with Northern European influence).

TOPS Knives (USA)
TOPS Knives Axes and Tomahawks are made of high quality 1095 carbon steel and bring about some of the most functional tools around. Check our their many different axes and feel the thickness and quality.

With roots in Oregon, a beautiful, rugged land, CRKT's stomping ground makes a proper proving ground for versatile, well-crafted axes. Check out there throwing tomahawks and you want be disappointed.

Here's a glimpse in our dedicated Axe Room...

 NRO Axe Room 2 at NRO

Anvil for Bladesmith at NRO

Do you like our new Axe Room? Help spread the word to family and friends about our unique Axe/Knife Store. Help support small businesses that specialize in quality and not on quantity.

Visit Our Store: 
Monday - Saturdays at 2941 RIVER RD W GOOCHLAND, VA 23063 USA

Can't Visit Us? Rest assured we're a premium Axe Dealer and carry many brands. Buy Online and support us by shopping 24/7 at We professionally box and wrap each axe head and provide free shipping!

Virtual Tour: Watch our latest Video on YouTube

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