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U.S.A. Made Hickory Fire Piston

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U.S.A. Made Hickory Fire Piston - High Qaulity Fire Starter thats easy to use, carry and needed in outdoor/survival situations. Easily replaces your existing fire starters with a small footprint and lite to carry in your hiking bags, bugout kits, or adventurer pack. The USA Made Hickory Fire Piston provides long lasting use using the simple to make char-clothe material.

What is a fire piston?

Fire Piston Consists of a hollow cylinder ranging in length from about 3 to 6 inches  sealed at one end and open at the other. A piston with an airtight circular seal ( o-ring) is fitted into the cylinder. The piston has a handle on the end to allow a firm grip to be applied to it, or a large enough surface area to strike it sharply without causing pain while the cylinder is braced against a hard surface, and it can be completely withdrawn from the cylinder. The fire piston generally has a notch or recess on or in its face, into which a piece char cloth is placed.

The compression of the air when the piston is quickly rammed into the cylinder causes the interior temperature to rise sharply to 500°F This is hot enough for the char cloth  in the piston face to ignite. The piston is then quickly withdrawn, before the now-burning tinder depletes the available oxygen inside the cylinder. The smoldering char cloth can then be removed from the face of the piston and transferred to a larger nest of fine kindling material, such as Jute Twine, Paper Towel , birch shavings, etc. The ember is then fanned or blown upon vigorously to create a flame, at which time various stages of larger kindling can be added until built into a proper fire.


  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Excellent Fire Starting Tool
  • Made with real hictory wood handles and outer shell
  • Great Survival Fire Starting Device that uses Air
  • Package includes Hickory Fire Piston, Bag of Char Cloth, (2) Orings,Instructions How to use the Fire Piston & Make Char Cloth
  • Overall length: 4-1/2 (114.3mm) 
  • Diameter: 7/8 (22.2mm) 
  • Weight 2.0oz 56.7g

 Professional Usage Tips:

  • Use Char Cloth in your fire piston - Make more char cloth with cotton shirts and paints. Its easy.
  • Put a little Vasaline/Chap Stick around the upper rubber seal before using - Ensures tight compression and hot ambers
  • Having trouble pumping with two hands? Use against the ground or a table as additional leverage when you pump/slide the fire piston for easier/faster fires.

Customer Reviews

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Mary E.B.

The delivery was stellar!

Great Firestarter

This is a great tool used to start fires that comes in a very light and small package. I found it easy to do and was able to start a fire within a few minutes. Not too much work and I would recommend these to my friends.

U.S.A. Made Hickory Fire Piston

This is a great tool, I love the wood exterior. Roll the o-ring down to the groove, lubricate the piston once (I used a sanitary petrol-gel lubricant), put a pinch of the provided char cloth into the concave end of the piston, hold the piston upright with the wood end on a firm object, grip the cylinder in a fist and slam it down. You'll pull the cylinder off and be greated by a glowing ember in the piston cavity you can lever out with a knife point. Works right, first time, every time.

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