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TOPS Tahoma Field Knife Tungsten 7-5/16 (USA)

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This is the newer Tahoma Field Knife with the durable and tough Tungsten Finish. The Tahoma Field Knife is designed to provide anything the outdoor professional would need in a knife. Designing a knife that would keep my weight down to a minimum and comfortable for all day use was really the goal." said designer Andy Tran. His background in tinkering, and fundamental knowledge of physics, and human movement was the foundation and basis of development for the Tahoma Field Knife.

The notch on the spine of the blade is used for scoring materials to create a weak point to break, as well as break wire by work hardening it, and pulling pots and similar items out of a fire. The thumb ramp has a hole in it for a forward wrist lanyard popular in cutting contests as well as aid in lashing the knife to the end of a stick to make a spear. The finger choil makes bringing the hand closer to the blade possible for fine carving tasks. The choil also creates a secondary "tip" for carving or notching etc.

The overall shape of the handle is made for ergonomics, and to give the user a better grasp like on a machete. Dual spindle sockets for a bow drill make it safe to use left or right hand operation. On the pommel of the knife is a pry bar, shaped and positioned so that if given a "backseat" grip on the knife during chopping, it would not cut, or wear into your hand. Every feature is integrated into the knife to work with each other, as well as be instinctual to the user so that it feels like an extension of the body.

Whether you're in the field collecting specimens, or in the field defending freedom, the Tahoma Field Knife is a reliable companion in an uncertain world.

  • BRAND: TOPS Knives
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 13.94"
  • BLADE LENGTH: 7.75"
  • BLADE STEEL: 1095
  • BLADE TYPE: Spear Point
  • BLADE EDGE: Double Edge
  • DESIGNERAndy Tran
  • Made in USA
  • WEIGHT: 19 oz.
  • BLADE FINISH: Tungsten Cerakote
  • STEEL TYPE: High Carbon Steel
  • MODEL: Tahoma Field Knife TAHO-03

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Well built field knife

    I do love the feel of this knife, the curve of the handle and finger groove are great for my large hands. I ordered a Kydex sheath online to replace the nylon sheath, photo below. I may wrap the handle with paracord or put a small paracord lanyard on the handle. I think one of the two notches on the back of the blade are a wire cutter and the other is to grab the handle of pot that is in a fire.

    It is very sharp our of the box, probably as sharp as I need a knife this large to be, near razor sharp. The 1095 hc steel is a nice work horse blade steel nothing exotic. But this is not show piece, its a work tool. If I had to bug out with only one item, this would be the one.

    Had a chance to use it while camping this weekend and it performed just as expected. I see now why some people ordered the knife with a blunt edge on the back. I grabbed the back edge a few times forgetting it was sharp and almost cut myself. i may consider dulling that edge for safety. Unless you know for sure you want that extra edge sharp, order it with a blunt edge IMO.

    TOPS Tahoma Field Knife Double Edged

    The knife is very well balanced, it chops with little effort but it also performed very well doing tasks like making feather sticks. I haven't used the spindle point yet for a bow drill, one thing I would recommend is sheathing the blade when attempting the bow drill...the blade is super sharp out of the box. As everyone else has said, the sheath is terrible. Just adding a snap button in place of the Velcro on the retainer bands would upgrade it to barely tolerable.

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