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TOPS Cockpit Commander Knife

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We all know the dramatic and disastrous results that may take place when bad guys get into the cockpit of a plane. This specialty knife has all the earmarks of a knife that cannot easily be taken from your hand. The finger hole keeps the knife in your hand and allows for comfortable deployment and use. The sharpened upper edge gives the user extra cutting options and also allows for deeper penetration. This knife has also become a favorite for lawmen requiring a good hide away.

DISCLAIMER: This knife is primarily for use by military, law enforcement, and executive protection specialists. It is incumbent upon the purchaser to be over 18 years of age and to check with local law enforcement personnel regarding legalities of double-edged weapons in his/her area. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Knife Type Fixed Blade

Overall Length 6.75"

Blade Length 3.75"

Cutting Edge 2.50"

Secondary Edge 2.25"

Blade Thickness 0.190"

Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish Black Traction Coating

Handle Material Black Linen Micarta

Knife Weight 5.4 oz

Weight w/ Sheath 7.9 oz

Sheath Included Yes

Sheath Material Black Kydex

Sheath Clip Rotating Spring Steel


Designer TOPS Team


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
5 stars for the knife and no stars for the sheath

The sheath needs a redesign and the sharpened false edge is only moderately sharp. It takes some getting used to but it is and neat design. Clip-on attachments do not thrill me especially when you have to pull really hard to get it out.

5 stars for the knife and no stars for the sheath

Great knife for EDC

This is a great little knife for everyday carry. Because it's double edged, it works great in my strong or weak hand. I have large hands, but my index finger fits thru the hole in the blade making a very secure grip. It also works revers grip with the little Finger very comfortably and is my preferred draw. The clip on the sheath is large enough to support being worn on a wide tool belt such as a SAR belt or police duty belt. The clip will also support being run thru molle webbing. I originally started carrying it scout style. Then I switched to a weakside carry (for me, that's my left). The knife is small enough to carry comfortable inside the belt or pants. It's very low profile. Finally I settled on my left pants pocket. This works well in Jeans or tactical pants, but not all dress pants. If you want to carry a fixed blade, but have a size restriction to what you can carry. This is the knife for you

TOPS Cockpit Commander Knife

Its a bit odd. And very well made. The sheath is scary. You really could hurt yourself...only fingertip access and VERY hard to pull out..I put it in an extra kydex Hogue sheath..fingerhole sticks out enough to get a hold of. Good to go...As I want it for wood etc and not self impalement, I blunted the tip and most of the back edge which is way too close to thumb ramp..unless you intend to bisect your own thumb..Good to go finger hole whittler. Reverse grip not hole for lanyard..Tip is now sharp enough to go in if it has to but wont catch on my silky bits:).....hope never to test it. I'm for tendons not arteries. I'm also a bit puzzled as to why Tops puts a Friction coating on a blade..and nothing on that odd back edge...hmm.. I pay a lot of money for slippery steel!!