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Osprey REV 24 Hydrate Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Great bag! Hits on all the important things.

Bought this bag (bolt blue ) to help me start run commuting and it has not disappointed me on any of the big things that I was looking for (fit, overall capacity, and pockets accessible while wearing the pack).

I'm a stalky 5'6" and about 215lbs at the moment (hopefully not for long) and I generally wear large shirts. I'm able to adjust the fit of the bag easily and it seems that there's a lot of flexibility with the straps to fit almost any body type. Since I'm just getting started, I've only taken this out for 2 miles at a time, but I haven't had any issues with chaffing at all. And it's not as if I've been packing light either. I've been packing this bad with about 12lbs of stuff and I've got no complaints on how heavy it's felt. So again, the fit is great.

Overall capacity:
I brought 12lbs of stuff with me to work today (jeans, polo, NB 574's, sandals for the shower, hoodie in case it got cold, 20oz water bottle, 2 large apples, 2 pairs of socks, a heavy lunch, a red bull, snackwell cookies, keys, wallet, etc.) and still had room to spare.

There's plenty of in-run accessible pockets. The pack has pockets on the hip belt, sides, and shoulder straps. They're all easy enough to get to and it helps you keep momentum. For the most part, they're all big enough too.

The digiflip shoulder strap pocket is awesome but does not fit a Note5 well. It's so tight that it keeps holding down the power button and asking me if I'd like to reboot the friggin phone. This is kinda disappointing because everything I read said that is should fit.

The only other thing I don't like is that there are no tightening straps to cinch whole bag down if you pack light.

Final thoughts:
I love it. Feel free to ask me questions.

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