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Osprey QUASAR Day Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Great "daypack" for college students

I have been using this bag for a few weeks at college and don't have enough good things to say about it. Wonderful construction: tight seams, durable material, plentiful pockets and an overall attractive style. Living in central New York, this bag has already seen a wide range of weather conditions. My only comment is that while the bags material is water repellent, if the bag is not packed tight, water tends to gather at the seams and may seep into the bag. I walked through torrential downpour without an umbrella and noticed a few beads of water made it through into the main compartment absorbing into a few papers that I had stored in the tablet pocket. My only other comment is that I do not like the green interior color/stitching with the black, but hey, can't have it all.

Love it, but...

I use this with my MacBook Air and my iPad Pro. It has tons of options for all the gear one needs, but I do wish the internal pockets were a bit better thought out. They aren't really deep enough to make me feel secure about their contents, so it would be nice if one or two included zipper closures. Oddly, one of the internal pockets is sewn through the middle for no apparent reason, making it half as useful as it could be.

However, I still love this bag. It's the usual Osprey quality regarding materials, construction, and features. The external side pockets are stretchy and roomy, easily accommodating 32 oz. Nalgene bottles. The internal laptop and tablet pockets are plenty big, and, crucially, are elevated slightly above the true bottom of the bag, which protects the bottom edge of those spendy electronics from damage when you drop (or—preferably—gently set down) the pack.

One aspect that really irritated me, though, is that while one could use the pack for hiking, with a hydration bladder in the laptop sleeve, there is no hanging loop or hook for the bladder. So you will have to rig your own with paracord or shock cord. A simple hanging loop easily could have been included, which is standard practice in the backpack world, but for whatever reason, no one at Osprey seemed to realize this basic truth.

All in all, I love the pack, but it does in some ways seem to have been designed by a feverish committee rather than a calm, thoughtful individual.