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Professional Gear, Quality Knives & Hand Forged Axes
Professional Gear, Quality Knives & Axes


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Perfect Travel, Hiking or School Backpack

We bought this backpack in advance of a trip overseas. We wanted something that had a padded compartment, had organization (not just a big hole with one giant sleeve), fit neatly on a tall 7.5 year old's back and carried water, food (without getting crushed), a sweatshirt, and whatever trinkets we picked up overseas. It was brilliant, like a child's version of my own Osprey bag (Radial 26). It was hard to find the red color online but we worked it out by adding lots of fluffy stuff to the bag. Love Osprey bags!

Awesome backpack for all ages

I got this to use as a diaper bag instead of the clunky, boxy diaper backpack we had been using. I LOVE all the organization in the front pouch and the main section has tons of room. We can fit everything we need for any outing and even when packed to the brim it’s smaller than a half-empty diaper backpack. We’re able to maneuver down cramped airplane and bus aisles without nailing anyone in the face and there’s no Velcro flaps or weird pockets to get caught under the seat. Plus with only two compartments, it’s faster and easier to find something since you don’t have to fumble through a ton of separate zipper or Velcro pockets to find something. One of the best things about this too is that even though it’s our diaper bag now, it has a cool look so we can keep using it for years long after we need to carry around a diaper bag.