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starsNot a good backpack if you like pockets

So I've had this backpack for a little under a year, and I've come to the conclusion that it is just an awful backpack for women. It has one sideways small pocket on the front flap and if you over stuff it, it leaves an indelible mark. I have several faint white outlines on the black front flap from my phone when it's stuffed (apparently) too full.

The only other pocket besides the one of the front flap is under the front flap, so you have to unlatch the backpack to get to it. NEITHER of the small pockets are big enough to fit a large women's wallet. This is important because that meant I had to keep my wallet in the laptop compartment which worked fine until I needed to bring my laptop with me. If I had my laptop with me, my wallet either had to go in the bottom charger holder pocket which is impossible to open or in the main pocket where I had to unlatch the whole backpack and dig around to get it out. It also has no internal zip pockets, so there is nowhere discreet to put tampons.

The one positive I have to say about it is that the straps were incredibly comfortable. I will miss those straps, but I have switched back to a North Face backpack that has pockets galore (including internal pockets) and I am very happy with.

A great bag for the tech people

There are many great things about this bag.First is the pockets.There clearly for the tech minded person with a dedicated laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve I can bring my Switch and Macbook pro and not worry about as it's padded and protected.The main compartment is big enough to fit a change of clothes and a jacket with ease.The 2 slim sleeves are for you notebooks and documents.The small front compartment has the organization pockets for you pens and little things.The really great things is the power bag,its a small bag on the bottom of the bag and this thing is there to hold you chargers and power banks.

In terms of rain ,I have yet to test it out.In closing this bag is almost perfect I just wish it look like the one that's in the picture.

Great pack

Great pack. I really like that it's a tad wider than my North Face. Everything is this pack sits a lot closer to your back which I really like too. Very comfortable and lightweight. I don't even realize my laptop is in my bag half the time since things fit so well there is no movement/shifting. Love that it's expandable. The only thing I don't like is that you have to undo the flap to get to the main compartment. The plus to that is that this backpack would be nearly impossible for pick pockets to steal from.

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