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Osprey MANTA AG™ 28 Hiking Pack

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I may have found the perfect daypack.

I may have found the perfect daypack. I've used other name brand pack manufacturers and found those packs to do a great job but none of them had all the features I wanted in one pack. This pack ticks all the boxes.

I want a pack that has a separate compartment for the water reservoir to make packing the rest of my gear easier. This pack has that. I want a pack that has a curved back to let air flow through. This pack has that. I want a pack with hip belt pockets on both sides. This pack has that. I want a pack with multiple exterior pockets as well as interior pockets. This pack has that. I want a pack that has loops for the water reservoir tube on both sides so I can use one for the water tube and one for hanging my GPS. This pack has that. And I want a pack with an integrated rain cover not just a storable rain cover. This pack has that too.

Osprey has an excellent reputation for the quality of its products and this pack seems to be well built throughout. So I got all the features I want on one pack from a reputable company. Hard to beat.

Now here are my nit picking complaints. The pulls on the zippers are too short especially the pulls on the hip belt pockets. Longer pulls would make it easier to get things open and closed. My second concern is really a marketing issue. This pack comes with the Osprey 2.5 liter water reservoir which drives the price up. I have two reservoirs and don't need a third. I wish Osprey had made this pack available without the reservoir and lowered the price. Perhaps selling the pack with a reservoir at a discount would be the OK but making me pay for a reservoir I don't need or want is off putting.

I'd definitely recommend this pack to anyone who enjoys day hiking and wants a feature rich pack.

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