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Osprey Luci Solar Light

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Osprey Luci Solar Light Frosted white w/ Black Osprey Logo

Goodness gracious Betsy grab a lantern there's a weasel in the pantry! Wait, is this 1846? No, it's not and while we still have pantries, they shouldn't be full of weasels and you definitely shouldn't be using a lantern to see if a carniverous mammal is stealing your sundries. You should be using a Luci Lux light; an elegant, portable, solar-powered light that looks right at home in your domicile, van or tent. The Lux features a frosted finish for beautiful ambient light you can take anyhere and lasts 24 hours of a single charge. Luci lights make the world a better place by providing sustainable light sources so that even after the sun goes down children can study or play, health clinics can stay open and less people use toxic and dangerous kerosene. That's why we chose to work with MPOWERD; we share a commitment to making the world a better place. So whether you're looking for way to illuminate your truck camper, add some ambient light around camp, or sprucing up the backyard, grab a Luci Lux (or a few), the little light that brightens lives.


No batteries needed - just the sun!

Stronger battery lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge

Charges in the sun in 7 hours

Four light modes (low, medium, high, 1 second flashing)

Press & hold power button for 3 seconds to shut off

Charge level indicator

Frosted finish

10.8 cm height, 12.7 cm diameter, 2.5 cm collapsed

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