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Perfect backpack for a two-week trip

It holds a surprising amount of stuff! I used five packing cubes (the Eagle Creek Specter Pack-it Compression Cubes) to compress all my stuff down and then fit them all into the main compartment of this guy. It held everything! 8x shirts, 3x shorts, 2x jeans, 7x underwear, 7x pairs of socks, 1x pair of sandals, 1x towel, 1x daypack, and a bunch of other misc stuff like toiletries, electronics, snacks, folders, and more! I fit it all in just this backpack. It was the only thing I took with me on the trip and it worked out fantastically.

Even when you fill it up fully, it feels very light and the chest/waist straps are great for that extra padded support and stability. It never felt heavy or awkward. All I had to do was get used to my larger body profile so that I wasn't knocking stuff over in souvenir shops when I walk down cramped aisles, lol.

This backpack is not meant to carry gear, but I've managed to successfully squeeze in massive sleeping bags, hiking equipment, tents, and lots of camping gear into this guy too. It's surprisingly durable and the zippers don't break under intense tension. The fabric also is super sturdy and doesn't snap or tear when fully stretched out.

All in all, this is EXCELLENT value for a two-week backpacking trip. If you're looking for extended longer-term travel for 2-3 months, you might want to go with the Farpoint 70L one instead.