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Osprey ACE 38 Kids Overnight Backpack

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Color: Paprika Red

Customer Reviews

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Great pack for kids!

I purchased this pack for my 8 year old son for his first backpacking trip. My son is a little guy, not a big kid at all. He weighs 49 lbs and I'm not sure of his height. But he's short for his age. Anyways, the packed worked perfectly and fit him perfectly on the smallest setting. We hiked out to Parker Lake which is a 1.8 mile hike fro trail head to lake. The lake is just outside of the June Lake Loop in Ansel Adams National Forest.

The sleeping bag compartment fit a full size adult sleeping bag that was placed in a compression sack, so it'll fit your grown up bag. But you have to use a compression sack to make it fit. I put his adult size sleeping pad in the main compartment, a change of clothes, a pan, and a plate for food as well. The top compartment has some utensils. I tried to keep his pack pretty light for his first trip. Anyways, it worked really well for him. I would recommend this pack to parents. It'll pack everything they need and everything you don't want to carry yourself. I added a picture of him wearing it on the trail.

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