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Leatherman Super Tool 300 19-in-1 Multi-Tool (USA)

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Color: Stainless

The award-winning, Leatherman Super Tool 300 is the multi-tool for the working man. Larger pliers are the strongest we've ever produced and the sloped-top handle design means you can maneuver them further into tight spaces. When you're working with gloves on, the large side cutouts make it easy to still grab components and rolled handles make for a comfortable grip. Stranded, hard and regular wire cutters all come standard on Super Tool 300, and because they're removable you can repair or re-sharpen on the spot. 19 tools all ready for your toughest jobs. Super Tool 300 is back from vacation and ready to get to work.


  • CLOSED LENGTH 4.5 in | 11.5 cm
  • WEIGHT 9.6 oz | 272.15 g
  • PRIMARY BLADE LENGTH 3.2 in | 8.13 cm
  • BRAND Leatherman


  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • Premium Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  • Stranded-wire Cutters
  • Electrical Crimper
  • Wire Stripper
  • 420HC Knife
  • 420HC Serrated Knife
  • Saw
  • Awl w/ Thread Loop
  • Ruler (9 in | 22 cm)
  • Can Opener
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver


  • All Locking Features
  • Lanyard Ring


We take extraordinary measures so your Leatherman product will give you many years of dependable service. If it doesn't, we will gladly repair or replace it, at our discretion, with one of equal or greater value under our 25-year guarantee. This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your Leatherman product. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, color finishes, cleaning, or sharpening.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Solid substantial tool

After receiving this tool I was quite pleased with the build quality and sturdiness. This is no lightweight and looks like it should give me many years of service. The pliers jaws while not massive can generate a very usable amount of clamping pressure while the needle nose portion is just the right size for most jobs I may encounter. The full size handles offer a good grip and are easy to manipulate. The replaceable wire cutters are sharp and easily handled some 10 gauge copper wire I found to test them on. The one complaint I have in this department is when applying enough force to turn a nut or crimp a terminal is the loose skin between your thumb and forefinger can get caught between the closed knife blade and the wall of the handle. This is in no way painful and merely kind of gently pinches it with very little pressure but can be annoying. While we're talking about minor cons I should mention the wire stripper, I would not want to rely on this feature if I was doing a lot of electrical work but for an emergency repair it is more than adequate. The screw driver selection leaves a little room for improvement too. There is a decent selection of standard blade drivers but just one phillips on the small side.
The sheath; 3 star at best. Its leather and mounts vertically with the top protruding about an inch and a half above my belt, which means it pokes me in the side. It also has just a snap to hold it closed and doesn't inspire an excess in confidence for securely holding it in place. Do yourself a favor and order the Ka-Bar Polyester Sheath for Mule Folders, Black. This sheath fits like a glove, has both velcro and a snap to secure it, and can be worn vertically or horizontally. Really nice sheath, much better than the one that comes with the tool.
I would have no problem recommending this tool to a friend.

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