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Kupilka 44 Platter

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KUPILKA means "little cup". The word KUPILKA stems from the Finnish word for cup which is "Kuppi". It also refers to a term used by Finnish people decades ago, when men and women warmed up their hands with their "Kuppilka" or "little cup" by drinking hot beverages during the rough Finnish winter. KUPILKA products are made of a Thermoplastic Natural Fiber Composite Biomaterial. It is made up of 50% pine fiber (wood) and 50% plastic. There are numerous benefits if you compare the composite material to normal plastics. To name a few, they have better heat endurance and a better durability thanks to their stiff structure. They also allow the use of engraving techniques. If you compare the natural fiber composites to wood, the most important benefit is that the composite does not require maintenance. Also, it does not "absorb" smells and it is insensitive to humidity. KUPILKA products are also recyclable and can be returned to normal plastic recycling centers or ground and cast again into new products at the end of their life span. All KUPILKA packages & label cards are made from recycled cardboard. The string of KUPILKA 5 is made from reindeer leather. The material was developed by Puugia, the Center for Wood Technology in Joensuu, Finland. The material as well as the KUPILKA products are manufactured by Plasthill Oy in the same region of North Karelia.


Specifications for Kupilka 44 Platter:

Color: Wood

Product Weight: 280 g, 9.9 oz

Capacity: 14.87 fl oz / 4.4 dl

Fabric/Material: Biomaterial

Weight: 0.7



Á la carte plate

Natural Fiber Composites Material

Individual packing with recycled cardboard

Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Yup. Ya, sure. It's small! Itty bitty even. And it's GREAT. I have lots of Kupilka and this piece has a place in my day bag for cutting delicious picnic morsels and such. then (fer jeez!) when you're serving up hot dish you'll go with your Kupilka 44 (or the 55). Now...grab your Kupilka cup... SKÅL! Well,OK then.

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