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Knife Pivot Lube KPL Rust Eraser

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Have a kitchen, carbon or stainless steel blade with rust spots? Try the KPL Rust Eraser. This rust eraser block is a medium-soft rubber eraser that embeds microabrasive particles that make short work of rust spots, pitting and patinas.

We use for shipwreck and cleaning up our knives!

Instructions: Simply rub your blade gently with KPL's rust eraser block and watch rust stains vanish in seconds. We recommend starting slowly and rubbing in the direction of any grind marks on your blade!

This product also works amazingly as a sharpening stone cleaner/refresher, where its medium soft texture conforms to crevices to quickly remove metal swarf and to unclog diamond, ceramic and natural sharpening stones to quickly restore their cutting power.


  • Grit: Fine
  • Composite: Medium durometer rubber/hi-density grit
  • Dimensions: 2” x 3” x .75”
  • Perfect for knife cleaning and shipwrecking knives

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