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Grand Trunk Double Hammocks

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$64.98 - $69.98
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Color: Neon/Purple

Grand Trunk Hammocks are you're do-it-all, hang-anywhere, replace your tent style hammock. So easy to hang and made of high quality parachute nylon, you'll enjoy the freedom to relax anywhere. These hammocks break down to the size of a softball and are very light weight. Their quality won't let you down whether hiking, backpacking, at camp, in the backyard, beach, or park.

Grand Trunk Double Hammock
Weight: 28oz
Dimensions: 10.5" x 6.5"
Material: Parachute Nylon
Weight Capacity: 400lbs
Nautical grade carabiners
Triple stitched seams
Suspension System included (5mm rope)
Attached stuff sack (can be used as a pocket for gear storage)

Note: Grant Trunk Double Hammock is a foot and half wider than the single version hammock. The double is recommended when sharing with two people or need the extra space to be comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
good hammock

Not your top of the line "cottage manufacturer hammock"... Not 11-12ft hammock, you would hear a lot on any hammocking forum. But I have 11ft top of the line "cottage manufacturer hammock" custom made from a very magic fabric, and I have this one... And I'd go with this one for a relaxing hang in a park (with kids, or with my dog), and to be honest, because it's double - it holds my pad better when camping than that "custom made ultra-light yet super strong" hammock, and I don't want an "under-quilt", so...

Again, for the price - it's better than UNO and longer than it and/or your cheap Costco version. Buy it and if you don't like it much, use for hanging with your dog in the backyard (I wouldn't use it on my Thru-Hike attempt, it's too bulky and heavy for that, but... who knows how much I value a good night sleep on a longer through-hike, so far I had better sleep with this bulkier one)

Best camping hammock out there

I have tried several other types of hammocks from other companies. In my opinion, this is the best value of all of them.

I originally bought the Grand Trunk with mosquito netting. It worked well. I left a review last year about that hammock. I had been asked to be a boy scout leader. I dreaded spending nights on the ground so I thought I would give it a try. It totally changed my attitude about camping. When I camp in a hammock I wake up refreshed, my back doesn't hurt, and I never have to set up my own tent. I wanted a more simple set up without the netting so last year I bought this one. It is now one of 4 Grand Trunk hammocks I own.

I am 6'1" and 220 lbs. This hammock supports my weight without a problem. I love how roomy it is. The silky nylon fabric is very comfortable and durable. The straps it comes with are strong and will hold me easily. I actually use nylon straps with them to protect trees. The width of the hammock allows it to be used as a chair more easily than smaller hammocks.

One tip. I have found that I like this hammock better without the mosquito netting even in buggy areas. I sprayed it with a permethrin treatment I also got on Amazon. It seems to keep the bugs at bay very well. There is enough material that on really buggy nights I can wrap the walls of the hammock over me to keep the critters out. Personally, I find this a more enjoyable way to sleep. My 14 year old son prefers the hammock with the bug netting so he uses that one. We both wake up unbitten. Between those two hammocks I have probably logged 50 nights sleep. They have been very durable. I won't say they look like new, but they haven't required any repair, and I haven't exactly treated them kindly.

Great value, great hammock.

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