ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand

by ENO

SoloPod Hammock Stand BY ENO holds any size hammock (singlenest or doublenest) and perfect for a single relaxation.

Tired of wishing for the perfect hammocking trees to just appear in your outdoor space? Look no further than the SoloPod.

With super easy construction, graceful aesthetic, and versatile, non-slip feet, the SoloPod is the most convenient and good lookin' single-hammock stand on the market. Plus, packing down quickly and easily, sharing the hammock love is simple.

From pool-side to lake-side, you'll never have to say no to hammocking again.


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Holds 1 Hammock
Holds 1 Hammock
Easy Setup
Patent Pending

SoloPod Specs



Product Weight 58lb
Boxed Weight 69lb
Material(s) Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10'6" x 3'1" x 4'4"
Packed Dimensions (LxWxH) 48" x 12" x 8"
Best use Backyard & Family Camping

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Heavy duty, well built, not so portable

First impressions... Heavy, very heavy, but for my purposes heavy is not bad. This will live in my backyard and probably not get moved too much except when the yard gets mowed.
Very sturdy, which means piece of mind. This thing is not going wear out under the strain of my 275# weight.
To tweak the sag, I removed my previous hardware and played around with different sized endless loops made of amsteel. Very small differences in length make a huge difference in the sag. Bingo!! Perfect length, perfect night sleep.
This stand is a winner. I know it is expensive, but when you sleep at least a third of your nights in a hammock, the investment is well worth it. It also makes my back yard look neater than my old homebuilt stand did.
Pros: Very heavy duty, high quality construction that is the right size for eno hammocks.
Cons: Very heavy and not well suited for moving around much. Definitely not for hikers or people intending to portage this stand.
May not fit longer hammocks.
That being said, Im more than pleased with this stand.
Additionally, I just acquired a UST hexagonal tarp.... The one a lot of people are saying is too small.The 108" length, for whatever reason, is not along the sewn ridge. Its across the width of this tarp. Turning the tarp crossways, it fits absolutely perfect on the solopod, and covers my DN Perfectly. I slept through a massive rainstorm last night, and stayed dry. Any 108" tarp would fit, but for $21, you wont beat the fit or quality. For Other applications, this tarp is small for the DN. These three products, the Solopod, the DN, and the UST tarp were made for each other.