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ENO HouseFly Tarp

by ENO
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Color: Lichen

ENO's HouseFly Rain Tarp is a weatherproof fortress that consist of part rain tarp and part luxurious, water-proof fort. The ENO HouseFly has silicone impregnated nylon sides that keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Overlapping doors complete with agile buckles on either end of the tarp make access an ease while keeping out winter's nastiness. Boasting the most coverage of all the ENO tarps, the HouseFly's stowable doors allow you to laze in cool shade or weather a surprise snow storm.

From a five day trek in the backcountry, to a five minute nap in your yard, the HouseFly will give you home-style comfort in any condition.

*Tarps do not come with stakes. Stakes are sold separately*


HouseFly Rain Tarp Specs



Weight 27 oz.
Material(s) Silicone Impregnated Ripstop Nylon w/PU
Unfolded dimensions (L x W) 10' 6" x 10'
Best use Family/car camping & backpacking

15D Sil-Nylon Ripstop w/PU
PU Coated Sil-Nylon
Overlapping Doors
Overlapping Doors
Stitched and Taped Seams
Stitched and Taped Seams
Large Coverage Area for Dry Gear Storage
Large Coverage Area Dry Gear Storage

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A large rainfly for harsh conditions

I used this in 20 degree weather with some wind, the tarp helped to dramatically cut the wind and I believe helped keep me warm by stopping the wind. It snowed that night and there was about an inch to two inches of snow on the tarp. It stood up to the weight of the snow and the slight wind without a problem. This tarp I would only use when expecting harsh weather and would be mainly used in the winter and sometimes in the shoulder seasons, otherwise I would take the ProFly due to its weight savings and it takes up less room in my pack. This is a great shelter but is overkill for summer treks and many spring/fall outings.

-Large coverage area
-Ability to have doors to lessen the amount of wind that can blow through

-Weight, comes in at 27 oz.
-Price (but most manufactured tarps are expensive)

Overall: I would recommend this rainfly if you are looking for a robust shelter that can take a beating and are willing to carry a few more ounces. I would not recommend it if you are looking to lighten your pack load or are an Ultralight backpacker. Another good option from ENO to consider is the ProFly which is a little lighter but still has large coverage.

ENO HouseFly Tarp

I bought this for better wind and rain protection when backpacking with my hammock. It's been especially helpful in the winter when it snows. It's not nearly as light as my cuben tarp but it's not see through either-just depends on what you're looking for. It functions great, has been durable, even on extended 30 day+ trips and is easy and quick to set up. I've used it as a shelter without a hammock too and it actually works really good with that.

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