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Axe Blade Wax Premium 4 oz (USA)

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Perfect for all Axe Heads, Kitchen & Carbon Steel Blades!

Experience the remarkable benefits of our premium top-of-the-line Axe Wax, trusted by countless users on a wide range of premium hand-forged axes and carbon steel knives—including kitchen and bushcraft fixed blades. This 100% natural, food-safe hardening wax is specially crafted to provide outstanding protection for knife and axe heads, effectively preventing rust formation on your prized blades.

As someone who loves their axe, you know the importance of keeping your blades in top condition. That's why we've developed a premium Axe Wax that will keep your axe protected for months from rust and erosion. Our wax is made with all-natural rust-preventative ingredients, so you can be sure that your blade is being treated with the best possible care.

Whether you're using our Axe Wax on your kitchen blades or your outdoor axes, you'll be amazed at how well it works. Simply apply a little portion from your fingertip onto the blade, and you'll notice immediate results. Our large 4oz wax will last a long time, and can be easily stored away without replacement.

Our Axe Wax is specially designed for use with Gransfors, Hults Bruk, Adlers, Helko's, Councils, and many other top rated brands. We've applied this wax after handling thousands of axes, and it has been tested and proven to work. Just wipe a little bit of wax on both sides of your axe blade steel with either a cloth or your finger, and you're good to go.

One of the best things about our Axe Wax is that it lasts for months, even in/out of a sheath. You won't have to worry about constantly reapplying the wax, which means you'll have more time to focus on your throwing.

Our Axe Wax is an essential tool for any serious axe or blade collector. It keeps your axe heads and blades protected from rust and erosion, and is made with all-natural ingredients. Plus, it's easy to apply and lasts for months. Don't let your blades become damaged from neglect - invest in our USA Made Premium Axe Wax today and keep them in top condition.

  • American Made with premium Organic Wax
  • Keeps your Blade/Axe Head Protected for Months from Rust & Erosion
  • Provides All Natural Rust Preventative Ingredients
  • Works great on all Kitchen Blades
  • Apply a little portion from your fingertip or with a clothe
  • Large 4oz's Wax last long time and can be stored away without replacement
  • Axe Wax Made for Gransfors, Hults Bruk, Adlers, Helko's, Councils & Many Other Brands
  • We apply Axe Wax after throwing thousands of Axes. Just wipe and apply little bit of wax on both sides.
  • Last for Months in/out of a Sheath!

Proudly HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA, each batch of AXE WAX is meticulously crafted in our Goochland, Virginia Axe Store, ensuring you receive the finest quality product. Trusted by renowned brands like Gransfors, Hults Bruk, Helko, Adler, Council, and many more, our Axe Wax is created using organic beeswax as a base, combined with a blend of natural oils for optimal performance. Experience complete peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, knowing you're using a product that upholds the highest standards of quality and care.

  • All Organic Ingredients
  • Premium Axe/Blade Conditioner
  • Prevents Rust / Maintenance For Months
  • 4 Ounces (Large Size)
  • Sourced Locally by Beekeepers
  • Includes Solid Tin Container

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