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AR-15 Cleaning Tuneup Kit Card (READYMAN)

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The READYMAN AR-15 Cleaning Card is an ingenious little stainless steel card built to scrape hard-to-reach carbon deposits off the AR-15 bolt carrier, bolt and star chamber.

Each Cleaning Card breaks into 3 scraper tools and 2 picks that you can share with friends so you can finish those "post range activities" faster.

Customer Reviews

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AR-15 Cleaning Tuneup Kit Card readyman

Pretty cool tool. Watch the video to see all the cool things it does. Only issue I had was when I separated the pieces, there were bits of metal where they had been connected together that prevented me from cleaning the inside of the carrier. A simple fix with my dremel....but something to be aware of anyway.

I kind of thought this would be a disposable thing, but I have used it to clean 7 AR's and it still works great. Bottom it.