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New Gear: Polar Bottles USA - NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS

New Gear: Polar Bottles USA

NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS (NRO) is proud to carry Polar Bottles made here in the USA and one of the first to pioneer the insulated sport water bottles. Polar Bottles are now available both Online and our Richmond VA Store. They're perfect for keeping your liquids cold for an extended time in the outdoors whether hiking, camping or biking! Light weight and there's tons of colors available.

Shop Online Here for Polar Bottles

  • Hot 24 Hours
  • Cold 12 Hours
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper Shield Technology

Polar Bottle Sport was the first insulated sport water bottle when it was launched in 1994. The dual-wall insulation design that we invented more than 20 years ago remains one of the top performing on the market to this day. It features a reflective foil layer between an inner and outer bottle to keep liquids cool twice as long as standard water bottles. The foil layer reflects the sunlight, while the inner and outer bottle create an insulating air barrier.


For our line of stainless steel water bottles Polar Bottle takes advantage of the most cutting edge technology in vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot and cold for longer. Our stainless steel products are built with an interior copper liner that reduces surface heat loss, to insulate hot liquids for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours or more.


In order to create a lightweight bottle that insulates both hot and cold, Polar Bottle relies on polypropylene for our Ergo lifestyle bottle line. This durable, harder plastic insulates both hot and cold liquids, while still being lightweight enough to easily carry 24/7.



In the early 2000s Polar Bottle set out to create a cap that combines the technology of a water bottle cap with the drinking experience of a glass of water. Dubbed the Half Twist™ for it’s open and close function that allows you to drink directly from the lid, this cap truly delivers a perfect sip with each drink. Simply give the cap a Half Twist to line up the water droplets on the bottle and cap and start the flow of water. Give the cap a Half Twist in the other direction and it’s completely sealed. A medical-grade silicone gasket inside the cap prevents spills and leaks.

The Half-Twist is available on all Ergo lifestyle and Thermaluxe stainless steel bottles.


ZipStream® is the product of our 20 plus years designing products for the cycling industry. We perfected the design by using feedback from cyclists and relied on the own bikers in our office to work out an kinks in product testing.

This is the first Polar Bottle product to feature a self-sealing squeeze valve, which both prevents the bottle from leaking even in the open position, and allows pressure to build inside the bottle when squeezed — releasing a refreshing burst of water.

The Zipstream cap is available on all 20oz and 24oz sport bottles.

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