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Darn Tough Socks

At NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS (NRO), We love Darn Tough Socks! Darn Tough has been building quality and unique socks since 1948, and during that time, has managed to create socks so durable and well made that it can confidently last you during the life of your adventures. Darn Tough is built on old-fashioned know-how and craftsmanship that has lasted for three generations. Did we mentioned that Darn Tough is family-owned business and has an unique process is centered on using a single, fine-gauge needle to create high- density socks that really last.
Darn Tough Logo (NRO)
Darn Tough uses the finest materials like high micron 100% merino wool in the knitting of wool socks and doesn't lessen the wool quality by adding nylon or polyester to the blend of the wool. They actually reinforce the outside and inside of the sock with nylon and lycra for added comfort, durability and fit. 

While other sock manufacturers choose price and lower quality, part of the Darn Tough success formula is that they use only the finest merino wool available. With standards so high, Darn Tough works with select partners to obtain premium wool from North America, Europe and Oceania.

Take quality materials and build tough socks under one roof (actually a Mill!) That is why we love Darn Tough Socks! Every step of the knitting process happens right in the beautiful town of Northfield, Vermont. All-under-one-roof affords allows them the ultimate in quality and control. It yields a sock that is unparalleled in comfort, durability and fit. “Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality,” is why we’re still making our socks here in Northfield, Vermont. U.S.A.

Long praised for their ideal mix of comfort, durability and fit, Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock Cushion socks have been awarded the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry: 2018 BACKPACKER Editors’ Choice Gold Award. BACKPACKER Magazine awards an unspecified number of Editors’ Choice Awards each year and even fewer Editors’ Choice Gold awards, reserved only for products that have delivered “sustained years of best-in-class performance.” 
NRO Editors Choice Award

Did we mention that Darn Tough is a family-owned, American manufacturer (Vermont) of end-use-specific socks. Let's put this in perspective: They design, manufacture, sell and promote the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks available under one roof and Company! Its backed up by an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you can wear out there socks, they will replace them free of charge.

Whether you are hiking, biking, skiing, camping or just hanging out outdoors or at home, Darn Tough socks keep your feet feeling and looking great. Check out our large Selection of Darn Tough Socks at NRO Store or Online:

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