ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt

by ENO

Need to stay warm in your hammock? ENO's Ember 2 UnderQuilt is the most affordable hammock underquilt on the market. The polyester-filled Ember 2 surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock with a hammock specific cut, protecting you from winter's nastiness. An adjustable shock cord at each end speed up setup, meaning less time freezing and more time enojying nestled, toasty goodness. With the Ember 2, you're out of cold weather excuses. 50° Temperature Rating

Universal Fit
for all hammocks
Universal Fit for all hammocks
Easily Adjustable
Easily Adjustable Shockcord
Nylon Shell w/DWR FinishSURVIVAL
Nylon Shell w/DWR Finish
Includes Nylon
Stuff Sack
Includes Nylon Stuff Sack

Ember 2 Specs



Weight 25 oz.
Material(s) Nylon Taffeta Ripstop w/DWR Finish
Dimensions (L x W) 95’’ x 45’’
Best use Winter camping & Car Camping

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Underquilts don't come cheap -- Eno Saves the day!

I'll be completely honest. When searching for the best underquilt for me, I completely looked past the Eno Ember 2. It wasn't as a appealing as some $200+ quilts I was looking at. Honestly, I won't sugar coat it. This quilt is definitely not the best quilt and is definitely not the most ideal underquilt on the market. But, look at the price. I'm not 100% sure, but this is the only underquilt I have personally seen that is only $100. That being said, this quilt rocks! It keeps me warm, it is very light and it compresses down to about the size of my down sleeping bag!

I recieved the underquilt and was instantly impressed. The construction seems very sturdy and robust, the synthetic fill is very even and even the color was very pleasing for me. My first impressions of the quilt was very positive overall. Furthermore, the quilts temperature rating is for 50 degrees and I found that quite accurate.

As far as cons go, there are a few small things to mention:
-It is a tad small and you might find your feet hanging out of it if you like to sleep diagonally in your hammock.... But, you might not. It depends entirely on the adjustments and the person.
-I never felt like I could perfectly fit the quilt to my hammock. Maybe it's my OCD, but I would have like to seen a better design as far as fit and and how the ends of the quilt fit to the hammock, especially with the cinching shock cord. The cinch buckles just didn't help at all. The quilt still works just fine and it's not even a real problem. Just something to mention.

This underquilt is only 100 bucks. If you have the money, sure. Go with something better. But if you are on a budget, this one will work for you. It keeps you warm and it's better than using a pad or just a sleeping bag. I love it and I have no problem recommending it to anyone who wants to get into hammocking! Great quilt from a great company.

Perfect underquilt for Spring or Fall

Amazingly easy to setup and take down. I was able to get it into the stuff sack fairly quickly, but I do plan on buying a compression sack for it to make it easier to stow into my backpack. It kept me comfortable in the low 40's, but I wouldn't push to much colder than that. If you plan on doing true cold weather camping you'll want something heavier duty.

ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt

Bought this to see if it would work with my warbonnet blackbird XLC. Fit perfectly and made a huge difference in the mountains of North Carolina with a low of 25 degrees, windy and I slept very warm. Well made, very lite and rolls up tightly in the provided sack. Thanks ENO!