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Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe 425 (Sweden)

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The Gransfors Outdoor Axe was developed with the help of Swedish survival expert Lars Fält. As well as establishing the Swedish Defence Survival School, Lars has written 8 books on survival and outdoor skills over the years. 

The Outdoor Axe is a small, lightweight hatchet sized axe designed to have numerous uses: limbing trees, chopping and splitting firewood, and also as a heavy knife for woodcarving or simply cutting food. Despite its small stature, the Outdoor Axe can even be used for felling trees when kneeling, thanks to its relatively long handle and heavy head.

The axe has a 2 1/2”face and a 14.75” hickory handle and the head weighs 1 lb. It features a shoulder collar, and comes with a grain leather sheath.

As with all of Gransfors products, it is of excellent quality; hand-forged and made using traditional Swedish methods. Each axe head comes individually stamped with the smith's initials, while the hickory handle is boiled in linseed oil and rolled in bees wax for a smooth water repellant finish. 

Each Gransfors Axe head is hand-forged from high quality Swedish steel that is honed, tempered & annealed to the perfect hardness by the experienced Gränfors Bruk Swedish Smiths who stamp their initials on the head. Each Gransfors axe is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece you'll treasure for years to come.

Warranty & Service: Remember to keep the warranty card that is stapled to the inside back cover of your Axe Book and keep the proof of purchase from NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS as an premium authorized dealer. Gransfors Service & Support covers your Axe Head for 20 years from date-of-purchase.

  • Drake Off Road Tools 2.5" face
  • 14.75" hickory handle
  • Head weight - 1 lb
  • Full grain-leather sheath - Included
  • The "Axe Book" - Included
  • Made in Sweden Since 1902
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Buy w/ Confidence - Premium Gransfors Authorized Dealer

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Trent R.
Great customer service!

I was looking for a very specific camp axe and most sites that showed it “in stock” didn’t truly have it in stock and had delivery times 2-3 weeks out. I left a voicemail with North River and they called me back in a timely manner, took the time to understand what I was looking for, confirmed they had it in store, and had it shipped out the next day. I spent some time chatting with the owner on the phone and was so impressed by the customer service I went ahead and bought another knife from them while I was at it. This is how business should be!

Mahalo Thank you "North River OutDoors"

Fast shipping packed very professional, Axe is Awesome what can i say it's a Gransfors Bruk... five stars experience all away a round... Aloha...

Yvette C.

excellent cuts sharp edge easy to handle highly recommend

Shane B.
Quality Tool

I enjoy handling this tool as it feels of great quality. Pleasing to the eyes. Will outlast me.

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

I am extremely satisfied with the service North River Outdoors provided me when I purchased a Gransfors Bruks Outdoor axe. This axe/hatchet is of the highest quality and feel excellent in the hand. I was a little nervous spending so much, but North River made it easy and painless, and also gave a coupon which helped me make the purchase. I highly recommend using North River Outdoors, they have alot of great products, and they sell all the Gransfors Bruks axes, which are some of the best in the business and they care about their customers. I'm excited to use my new outdoor axe more and more, it is such a great design, and fun to carry out in the woods. 5 stars. Thank You North River Outdoors!!!

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