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Gransfors Splitting Maul #450 with Collar Guard (Sweden)

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The Gränsfors Splitting Maul can be used for splitting very thick and knotty chunks of wood. It is forged and ground to a concave, quite thin blade at the bit. The axe cuts quickly and easily into the wood and then effectively splits it as the broader section pushes apart the wood. Its weight and sturdy poll with bevelled corners make the maul perfect for striking a wedge. Otherwise, the design is similar to the Larger Splitting Axe, but with a slightly longer poll. The handle has a protective steel collar below the axe head and circular grooves towards the end for an extra firm grip. The Splitting Maul is the heaviest axe produced by Gränsfors Bruk.  

The Gränsfors Splitting Maul can be used for splitting very thick and knotty chunks of wood.

Each Gransfors Axe head is hand-forged from high quality Swedish steel that is honed, tempered & annealed to the perfect hardness by the experienced Gränfors Bruk Swedish Smiths who stamp their initials on the head. Each Gransfors axe is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece you'll treasure for years to come.

Warranty & Service: Remember to keep the warranty card that is stapled to the inside back cover of your Axe Book and keep the proof of purchase from NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS as an premium authorized dealer. Gransfors Service & Support covers your Axe Head for 20 years from date-of-purchase.

  • Item no: 450
  • Length with handle: 80 cm (31.5”)
  • Weight: 3,2 kg (7 lb)
  • Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather
  • Buy w/ Confidence - Premium Gransfors Authorized Dealer

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas G.
Splitting Maul

Great. Quality maul. Everything you would expect from Gransfors.

David D.
Gransfors #450 Maul with Collar Guard

If you need to split large pieces of wood this is the workhorse to do the job. Extremely happy with it’s use. My third Gransfors, pleasure doing business with North River Outdoors

Kelly M.
Fantastic Splitting Maul

This is a fantastic splitting maul. It has the ability to force it way through knottier chunks and with controlled lighter swings it can slice and pop out two inch pieces in straight quarters for getting coals going.

Handle is a little short

Great, quality product. Handle is a little on the short side at 31" but it takes a lot less to swing it so you can use it all day and not get tired

GB Maul

Quality as expected. Head lighter and sharper than what I've used over the years.
Handle is shorter than what has been used in the past. NOT a complaint, but design is taking some getting used to.
I have been using it as a starter and finisher ,using a larger unit to do the club work. I find I really like the combination. One last, it's sharp as a cheap store bought axe ( not a bad thing just way sharper than any maul used in the past ) and you need to be aware of your leg and footwork cause it'll give way more than a bruise if you miss.