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Benchmade 176BK SOCP Dagger 3.22"

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Benchmade 176BK SOCP Dagger 3.22"

The 176BK SOCP skeletonized dagger is the optimal tool for self-defense and allows the user to maintain dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down the knife. The specialized sheath design also integrates into gear and webbing while keeping a low profile. MOLLE compatible.


Skeletonized dagger fixed blade features 440C blade steel

Finger loop for ease of deployment and use

Injected molded sheath with clip and lanyard

Black Dagger/Black Sheath



Dagger Length: 7.25" (18.42cm)

Blade Length: 3.22" (8.18cm)

Handle Length: 4.03" (10.24cm)

Dagger Thickness: 0.185" (4.70mm)

Weight: 2.20oz (62.37g)

Sheath Weight: 1.00oz (28.35g)

Made in USA

UPC Code: 610953138806

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Trusted knife for ground fighting.

I love this knife and I have been wearing it for more than a year on my patrol vest. I noticed another officer wearing one as a neck knife and I thought it would make a great ground fighting knife. The blade does not come overly sharp but the tip very sharp and would easily penetrate most thick clothing. I like that it has a subtle appearance most people don't even know what it is on my vest and I like that. It attaches nicely to the molle on my outer carer right on my mid-line it can be accessed by either hand. Another great Benchmade knife.

High quality, easy to conceal.

I seriously love this knife/dagger! I keep it in my purse and it's easy to draw from the sheath and it's easily hidden. It's super comfortable in your hand and can be gripped several different ways. It is what you expect from a quality company like bench made. Sturdy, very very sharp, and easily concealed.

Great knife with an imperfect - but fixable - sheath

The SOCP dagger is exactly what I was looking for, but the sheath isn't quite perfect, but fixable (see below).

- Provides an incredibly quick draw that a folder or assisted can't seem to match (at least not with my limited skills).
- Sharp point but not a cutter; do not use for any regular knife type conveniences.
- If you think you need the trainer, you probably do. Get it. It helped me a ton without risking a serious injury, which for sure would have happened.
- Sheath is a bit bigger than I would've liked. Thickness is worse than length (no way to word that better); seems like Benchmade could've made it much thinner given how thin the blade is.
- Biggest weakness is that the clip on the sheath isn't tight enough to withstand the friction/tug it gets on a fast draw. Often the sheath would come out with the knife. Not good. To fix it, I wrapped a piece of ultra fine sandpaper around the blade and put it in the sheath a few times to essentially sand down the sheath just a tad from the inside. I put it at the widest point on the bade and maybe did three in/out moves. Seemed to wear down the worst friction point inside the sheath and now the knife comes out clean, but still stays put in the sheath. PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU DO THIS; if I had done it much more, it would've been too much and then it would've been too loose.