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Adler Axes from Germany

NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS now carries Adler Axes from Germany! Since 1919, Adlers Axes make for an excellent tool for outdoor and wilderness use. Adler hatchets are used for axe throwing though-out the USA and endorsed by World Axe Throwing League.

Adler Axe company was founded in 1919 and the same passion for quality products lives with the company to this day. All axes are marked with JS or JSW. The JS stands for Joseph Schmitt, the original founder. The W stands for Wisental – the small German village where the axe company originated. The current factory is just to the north in Waghausel.

Now 4 generations strong, Adler Axes are run by Tobias Schmitt. Mr. Schmitt has worked in the company since he was a boy and has known many of the employees most of his life. This rich tradition allows Adler to create quality axes from German C45 steel and American Hickory handles.

Adler Rheinland Hatchet

 Adler Features

  • Adler hatchets are machine/dropped forged with quality C45 steel. Hand finished, Hand Sharpened.
  • Made in Germany since 1919
  • Made of ergonomic U.S. hickory handle with unique anti-slip black paint provides a better grip; all paints are water-based
  • Comes with a heavy-duty leather sheath with a robust buttons
  • C45 type steel; Rockwell hardness of head: 47–55 HRC
  • Packaging: Cotton pouch (Made in USA) with instruction manual
  • Adler is a certified FWI facility ("Deutsches Werkzeug - Made in Germany") confirming that the product country of origin is Germany
  • All wood waste from the handle manufacturing process is reused to generate the energy (up to 700KW) that runs the Adler factory to produce world-class axes

NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS continues to be one of the largest Knife & Axe Dealers in Central Virginia and has been an Internet leader for Knives and Axes online at

 Adler Yankee Hatchet

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