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Waboba Pro Extreme Water Bouncing Ball (Assorted Colors)

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Don't just play with the Pro, play like one too! Engineered for sport performance, The Waboba pro’s heavier weight gives it advanced athletic control to help you step up your game in the water. Teams and leagues welcome. This Waboba bouncing ball is great for accuracy, more control and one-handed catches. Waboba designs and creates toys and balls for the water, land and air that turn any place into a playground. Waboba is an endless adventure that makes being active just a side effect of keeping life fun! Colors will vary. 

Take your recreational water sport fun to a whole new level. Holding it in your hand, it feels soft and squishy, like a stress ball. As soon you start throwing, bouncing, and catching, you'll see, it's so much more. Throw it down at an angle onto the surface of the water toward your friend. Watch as it hits the water and springs right back up into the air! Toss it once, and you'll recommend Waboba Pro for all the kids you know. High performance and ready for fun, the Waboba Pro launches water play to all new heights! Waboba Pro A ball that bounces on water Encourages outdoor exercise, hand-eye coordination Soft and squishy, sturdy for tough throw and catch Bounces on water 1 to 2 times per throw Instructions for use and care included Available in blue, red, or Hawaiian flowers - varies with purchase Made of strong, long-lasting materials

  • Engineered for sport performance, The Waboba pro’s heavier weight gives it advanced athletic control
  • Perfect for the Lake or the ocean, The Waboba Pro ball is great, competitive fun for the whole family
  • Waboba Pro ball provides more accuracy, more control and more potential for one-handed Bobe catches
  • This water-bouncing ball takes water games and activities to the next level
  • Colors will vary
  • Recommended for ages 7 years and up. Size: 2.6''

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