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USA Made Doan Magnesium Fire Starting Tool

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By scraping the "shaving edges" with the blade, you will accumulate a pile of magnesium shavings.

Simply scrape the "sparking insert" to ignite the shavings to temperatures of 5400°F, hot enough to light even the most stubborn campfire!


Support edge of tool on ground. Scrape narrow side of tool marked "SHAVING EDGE" with knife blade held perpendicular to tool. Amass small pile of magnesium about the size of a quarter next to tinder. (paper. leaves, small twigs, bark, etc.)


Support edge of tool on ground within 1" of magnesium shavings at approximately 45° angle. Scrape entire length of side marked "SPARKING INSERT" rapidly with knife held perpendicular to SPARKING INSERT. This action will cause generate sparks, causing the magnesium shavings to ignite, providing a white hot flame. If you don't want to dull your knife, a small hacksaw blade works great!


Under windy conditions, the magnesium shavings should be placed in a depression in the ground. Will ignite rubber to create a distress smoke signal. 

If fine tinder is not available, use the following:

Parts of personal clothing (pocket lining, handkerchief, etc.) 

Vehicle Upholstery 

Drain oil from vehicle and place in hubcap, soak rags with oil and ignite. (Will also create smoke signal.)

Customer Reviews

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Get the real thing!

Unlike the Harbor Freight or Coghlan brand ones, which I did grab a couple of over the years, this one is the real McCoy. Magnesium shaves off okay, and burns well. Ferro rod gives pretty decent sparks for it's size.
I don't expect it to last too long, its a "consumable" product, and if it works a few hundred times I'm ahead of the game a bunch. Seems some of the other ones are set up to go on and on and on. by not giving up the magnesium too easily.
As these WERE first doled out to the military, it was quality over longevity, since if soldiers were in a spot to need it, it was better it should work well that to last forever. So having the magnesium part come off easily was important. It wasn't intended to last forever for these guys. If the same man was sent out on another outing he'd have been issued another new one, if the first one saved his bacon.

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