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Ulticlip Slim 3.3 Knife Holster Clip (USA)

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Ulticlip is a brand known for its unique and innovative clip design for knife sheaths and holsters. The primary product of Ulticlip is a multi-purpose clip that provides enhanced retention and concealment for items like knives and guns.

The Ulticlip Slim 3.3 provides great retention and concealment.  It has a dual slotted mounting area that  allows for 1.5″ hole spacing.  The Slim 3.3 is slightly over 1/2″ wide making it ideal for knife sheaths or other narrow applications.


  • Built for belt-less carry - Minimum Profile, Maximum Concealment
  • Military Grade Black Oxide Finish Heat Treated Spring Steel
  • Size: 3.3″ x .60″ Dual slotted mounting bracket with up to 1.5" hole spacing
  • 100% American Made - Maximum clamping thickness .12" (approximately 4 layers of denim material)
  • Sold individually - Includes 6 piece mounting hardware - Does not include accessories seen in product images
  • 6 piece screw kit includes:
    • 2 screws (.24″ long) , 2 posts (.15″ long) , 2 rubber washers (.10″ thick”)
    • Black Zinc Plating
    • Combination Standard/Phillips Pan Head Screw
    • Open & Slotted Post
    • 36″ – Screw Head Diameter
    • .40″ – Post Head Diameter
    • .20″ Post Barrel Diameter
    • 8-32 Threading on All Screws & Posts

Key features of the Ulticlip include:

  1. Retention: Unlike traditional holster and sheath clips, the Ulticip offers increased retention. Its design allows it to latch onto a material and hold securely, even without a belt.

  2. Concealment: The Ulticlip is designed to attach to a holster or sheath in a way that reduces the visibility of the holster when worn. This can improve comfort and discretion for those carrying concealed weapons.

  3. Versatility: Ulticlip products are not just limited to holsters or knife sheaths. They can be used for many applications where a secure clip is required.

  4. Durability: Ulticlips are made from high-quality materials, designed to be durable and reliable.

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