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TOPS Tundra Trekker Blade

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The Non-Kukri Kukri

The Tundra Trekker is a Kukri-esque design that has the blade heavy balance and general shape of a standard kukri with TOPS unique style. It has a robust powder coat finish, comfortable handles, opposing pitch saw teeth, and a forward curved blade all designed to excel in several uses. Anything from chopping wood, to making traps and tent pegs, clearing brush, and whatever else you might decide to throw its way. The open backed Kydex sheath comes equipped with a dangler to make it easy to carry through thick brush and trees. This is a great option for those looking for something in the 9” blade range.

Tundra  Trekker

Overall  Length:  14.25”

Blade  Length:  9.0”

Cutting  Edge:  9.0”

Blade  Thickness:  0.19”

Blade  Steel:  1095  RC  56-58

Blade  Finish:  Tactical  Stone  

Handle  Material:  Green  Canvas  Micarta  

Knife  Weight:  16.6oz  

Weight  w/  Sheath:  23.8oz  

Sheath  Material:  Black  Kydex  

Sheath  Clip:  Dangler  

Designer:  Leo  Espinoza

MSRP:  $230 


The TOPS Tundra Trekker was designed to be the ultimate outdoor fixed blade companion. This heavy duty machete style fixed blade features a curved 1095 steel blade with an aggressive sawback spine and an eye catching "Tactical Stone" finish. Comfortably contoured micarta scales offer a secure grip in difficult conditions. Take on any outdoor challenge from the tundra to the jungle with the TOPS Tundra Trekker.

Leo Espinoza is known for his unique designs that are as functional as  they are attractive.  The Tundra Trekker is a Kukri-esque design that  has the blade heavy balance and general shape of a standard kukri with  Leo's  style.  

It is thinner and lighter than traditional kukris aside from the obvious fact that  the  blade style and saw teeth  are also not something you'd  see  on  a  traditional  kukri.  Yet this 9"  blade  made with a 3/16" 1095  stock will be an excellent cutter in the field. The nicely rounded Micarta handles are long to provide more than one grip option for different cutting tasks. It has  our opposing pitch saw teeth on the top so  that users can quickly and cleanly make notches in wood when setting up camp or for certain survival  tasks.  

The Tundra  rekker comes with our robust Tactical Stone powder coat finish, Green Canvas Micarta, and an open-backed Kydex  sheath with  a leather dangler to make it easy to carry through thick brush and trees. It will excel in anything from chopping wood, to making traps and  ent pegs, clearing brush, and whatever else you might decide to throw its way. 

Please use caution when removing this knife from its sheath. Make sure that if you’re using two hands to remove the knife, the hand holding the sheath is not in a position where the blade’s edge or saw teeth can come into contact with your hand. It is important that the same caution is used when returning this knife to its sheath. Make sure that the point of the blade is seated properly while reinserting and that your hand is clear of any openings where it may come into contact with the blade.

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