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TOPS Brakimo Knife

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The purpose of the Brakimo (pronounced BRAH-key-moe), designed by Joe Flowers, was to be a backup to a machete or to serve as a main camp knife. He runs a survival school of sorts called Bushcraft Global, which takes people of all skill levels into the Amazonian jungle to teach them survival skills. Not just skills specific to the jungle, but a mindset that will serve people regardless of location. He needed a knife that could be the flagship knife of the company and has designed the Brakimo to fit that need.

It has a fairly wide blade profile combined with TOPS’ modified Scandi grind that gives it great cutting and splitting power. The tip narrows dramatically to make it useful for drilling holes for bow-drill fires, blow gun mouth pieces, traps, etc. The simple design is perfect for many different uses. Made with 1095 high carbon steel, it’s easy to maintain the edge while out in the field. We found through testing on the 2015 Bushcraft Global trip that by keeping it dry whenever possible, rust was not an issue.

The word Brakimo comes from the Matis language (which is unwritten as far as we are aware). The Matis is a tribe found in Brazil that was uncontacted by the modern world until 1975-1976. The tribe has a unique way of life that would challenge the survival skills of any survival expert. If you’re lucky enough to participate in a Bushcraft Global adventure, odds are that you’ll get to meet one of these extraordinary people and learn a few of the skills they use to survive daily life in the jungle

For more information about Bushcraft Global and to sign up to participate in the experience of a lifetime, go to: Bushcraft Global's Facebook or

Knife Type Fixed Blade

Overall Length 10.00"

Blade Length 5.25"

Cutting Edge 5.25"

Blade Thickness 0.190"

Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish Tumble Finish

Handle Material Green Canvas Micarta

Knife Weight 9.4oz

Weight w/ Sheath 12.0oz

Sheath Included Yes

Sheath Material Black Kydex

Sheath Clip Rotating Spring Steel

Designer Joe Flowers

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is a perfect tool and perfect knife for most people

This is a perfect tool and perfect knife for most people.

I will say that it's too big for my liking, I will end up replacing it with a morakniv, and ultimately using a morakniv neck knife for 80% of my bushcraft needs, and use the larger morakniv bushcraft knife for more heavier duty tasks. I'll be keeping this Brakimo in the pack or at home, but just because i found it cumbersome and too big for my current needs and purposes, does not take away from the amazing quality of this great knife. I refuse to give this knife anything less than 5 stars! I just decided it is not for me. I will be keeping it however as it is a great addition to my collection or as a back up utility knife.

*you may not like the sheath, consider saving some money and buying a leather sheath with a belt dangler, otherwise the sheath it comes with kinda sticks out a bit and catches on your arm and shrubs will moving around in the bush, BUT, i could have been wearing it wrong. The swivel on the sheath is a nice touch tough so you can simulate a scout carry or a 45 degree angle carry.

Awesome knife. My favorite Tops

Every detail was executed exceptionally well with this knife; comfortable neutral handle (not too thin), tough modified scandi grind, excellent balance, perfect blade shape, quality sheath, weight is nice for belt carry on longer hikes. If you want a tough, rugged 5 inch scandi knife with micarta handles, I don't see a better option out there for under $200. Great choice if you just want one blade to handle everything from survival/bushcraft to camp chores. Also pairs well with other Tops scandi knives :)

TOPS Brakimo Knife

What an gorgeous chunk of steel! I was looking for a beefier knife that wasn't hard to carry or hike with. This was right in those specs with length and weight for a heavier camp knife. Great balance, perfect weight while still being a chunkier knife for chopping and more aggressive tasks. I've read reviews questioning the thinner handle, and I would say it's intentionally designed this way in that the knife would have unnecessary added weight if the handle's thickness "balanced" the thickness of blade. Due to the height of the blade, the handle is plenty big in my opinion. Feels great in my large hands. Knife came very sharp. I stropped about 5 times each side and took it to extremely sharp quickly. Photo is next to my Bark River Gunny for a size comparison. Cheers!

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