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Silky Professional 726-17 PocketBoy Curved Saw 170mm (Japan)

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The Silky Pocketboy is a favorite of arborists because of its space-saving design and smooth cutting action. This larger 170mm version of the PocketBoy Curve gives you a longer reach and faster cutting than straight blade versions - especially when cutting branches above shoulder height. The Silky blade is made with impulse hardened teeth that stay sharp three times longer than regular blades and have Silky's Mirai-Me Technology with 4 cutting angles on each tooth for the smoothest cutting action possible.

Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Curved Blade Folding Saw 170mm Large Teeth has a curved blade coupled with pull-cut technology results in the fastest cutting speed available - approximately 15-20% faster than straight blade PocketBoys. With a blade length is 6-3/4" (7 teeth per inch configuation) taper ground to reduce resistance resulting in smoother, easier, faster cutting performance

Product applications include outdoors, camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning


  • Model: 726-17
  • 6-3/4 (170mm) blade length (726-17 & replacement blade 727-17)
  • 7 teeth per inch (8 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
  • Curved blade coupled with pull cut technology results in the fastest cutting speed available
  • Approximately 15-20% faster than straight blade versions
  • Non-Set Teeth: The blade is taper ground to reduce resistance resulting in smoother, easier, faster cutting performance
  • Mirai-Me Technology: The blade has 4 cutting angles along its length. It leaves a smooth surface after cutting & can rip-cut, cross-cut and slant cut
  • Impulse Hardening: The teeth of the blade are heated instantly and hardened and stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth
  • Hard Chrome Plating: Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly high durable surface and is resistant to rust and the effects of resin.
  • 0.5 pounds operating weight; 0.6 pounds weight with carrying case (726-17)
  • Clear plastic flip-lock carrying case with belt clip is included
  • Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship
  • Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I seldom give 5 stars

VERY good quality. The tool has a metal frame, wrapped in plastic. Plastic only frames tend to make closing the saw difficult, as the frame twists and the saw hits the edges. Very sharp blade, excellent craftsmanship. I try to buy high quality tools instead of 2yr throw aways and this appears to have been a good buy. Yes, not the cheapest you can buy, but if you keep tools a long time, like me, this is a very nice saw.

PocketBoy 170 plus its Case make a great backpacking/camping or landscape saw

I've purchased the Silky PocketBoy 170 (mm) in coarse (Red), medium (Black), and fine (Yellow). All are very well built, very durable, and very effective saws. Further, the PocketBoy 170's come with a smooth, close-fitting, clear plastic case that protects the rest of your gear if in your backpack, waist pack or back pocket. Finally, replacement blades for all 3 are readily available on Amazon (from Japan), and do arrive quite quickly; replacement blades mean field replacement is possible, while with competitive product you might as well just buy another saw instead.
I have compared the medium (Black) and coarse (Red) PocketBoys with competitive saws from Corona, Ace Hardware, and Coghlan's, and found that the PocketBoy Red (coarse) does outperform the others in a "number of strokes" test to cut through a 4" hardwood branch. (Corona a close second), PocketBoy Black (medium) ties with the others - but the cut is much cleaner and effort 'smoother' with the PocketBoy.
If you're looking for a good backpacking saw, give the PocketBoy 170 Red (coarse) or Black (medium) a serious consideration.

Silky POCKETBOY 170 Saw

I was quite impressed with this little garden saw. It makes quick work of small branches. 2"-3" in diameter are no issue. I bought this to help clear some brush at our property in Northern Wisconsin. The heavy woods make lugging a chainsaw a pain and this performed as exactly as I had hoped. To really test its capabilities I took to a larger trunk and with a little bit of elbow grease it got the job done. Overall happy with purchase. Only down side is due to the type of saw the blade is very fragile. Just be careful not to go too fast and you shouldn't have any issues.

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