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Rogue 70HRH Rake/Hoe Fire Tool with 40" Hickory Handle (USA)

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A highly-requested Rogue Hoe, this tool is actually two of our hoes combined into one! This Heavy Duty Hoe/Rake Combo has a 7″ wide head and 5 tooth rake. It can be used to remove small trees and shrubs, gather trash, or do lots of other jobs. It is 40″ curved, select #2 grade Hickory handle.

Perfect tool for Firefighting, Trailbuilding, Farming, Cutting sod or breaking up hard soil! The handle is a perfect shape for repetitive use. Very versatile, with a sharp edge you can dig up stumps and chop roots up to 2″.

This tool is also great for prepping dirt beds for planting and landscape, keeps the tilth intact while helping to aerate the soil. The 70HRH Hoe/Rake has many advantages to standard hoes because of its durability and contour design. Made of quality materials right here in the USA!

  • 70HRH head is 7″ wide X 8½” tall
  • Rake on other Side!
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Available in different lengths and handle sizes
  • Premium USA Handle
  • Ideal for stripping bark, chopping weeds, and clearing debris
  • Hardened steel blade from repurposed agriculture discs (eco-friendly!
  • Made in the USA

Rogue Hoe Distributing is a family-owned business located in the heart of the USA in the Missouri Ozarks. Owners Larry and Phyllis Pierce take great pride in offering tools that will last a lifetime. Ever since 2006, they’ve offered their characteristic quality, hand-crafted Rogue Hoes for gardeners, trail builders, fire fighters, and farmers across the world.

Each hoe is hand-crafted – 100% made in the USA – from recycled agricultural disc blades. Each tool boasts a high grade tempered steel and most models are sharpened on 3 sides. They DO hold an edge!

From garden, field, and scuffle hoes to trail-building, firefighter, and flooring tools, Rogue Hoe offers a distinguished selection sure to please. Thousands of Rogue Hoes are used by cotton growers and sugar beet and grape producers throughout the US and Canada. They’re also used on large commercial vegetable farms, college research farms and backyard gardens.

Note: there is a shipping oversize cost due to its large size.

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