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Professional USA Buffalo Gloves for Axe & Farming (USA)

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Our Premium USA Buffalo Leather Gloves is perfect for handling your everyday task in the Outdoors! Whether Ranching, Farming, Cutting down trees or using heavy equipment, this USA made comfortable gloves are strong and made for heavy duty use.

Rely on Professional USA Buffalo Gloves (USA) for your most extreme outdoor tasks. Constructed with naturally wind-proof and water-resistant materials and reinforced with a buffalo leather palm patch, these gloves are purpose-built for heavy use. With a Gunn-cut cuff and Keystone thumb, you benefit from superior seam integrity and comfort. American made, these gloves offer superior quality and durability.

  • Our Axe and Chore Buffalo Gloves have well sewn Buffalo Palm
  • Made in USA for axe and chore glove purpose-built for heavy use.
  • Naturally wind-proof and water-resistant. Gunn-cut cuff blocks out debris. Keystone thumb increases comfort and improves dexterity.
  • Buffalo leather palm patch reinforces high-friction area.
  • Premium core-spun thread provides superior seam integrity.
  • American made from American materials.
  • Professional Grade Gloves made for rugged jobs

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