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Osprey VIVA 50 Back Pack

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Color: Sea Green

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The Archetype

The pack is made for the long haul, something that is going to not only survive the Pacific Crest or the Appalachian but excel. It's a strong pack, but not in the way that my beloved CFP-90 is (where strength comes with weight...). Good design, great materials, and attention to detail make this a go-to pack.

The adjustments possible are legion....there's very little on this ruck that cannot be tailored to the bearer. Yet somehow, none of those adjustments mess up the center of balance of the pack nor where the weight should be falling...on the hips. With that, the design of the pack is clearly done by people who not only use this kind of gear, but are very thoughtful in practical improvements. I mean, loading and unloading this thing is simple, plenty of outside pockets to hold quick-access items (the hip belt in particular is fantastic) and the strap design is exactly perfect for women. My daughter loves this thing.

Straps are very secure, the material is seriously likely to survive a fall off Old Rag, and there is zero concern that this will last longer than a couple of seasons. As you likely know, equipment durability is very key in the backcountry, and this pack is going to meet the challenge. It's well cushioned (straps and the back pad) so it's comfortable.

I can't say enough good about this pack. It's the Real Deal(tm) and something that is likely the only pack my daughter will ever need or, more importantly, want. The volume is enough to certainly support a week in the backcountry assuming the hiker does her part, and it

A fantastic ruck. Exactly perfect.

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