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Opinel Natural 4'' Lombardi Sharpening Stone (France)

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Opinel gives you an edge on the competition with the Natural Sharpening Stone. It's all thanks to the fine rocks, found in the quarries of Lombardi, Italy, that have a good balance of quartz and carbonates. PRODUCT FEATURES: Made in Italy Construction: Lombardi Natural Stone. Size: 4" x 15/16 x 3/16 Weight: 1.3 oz 001541 , opinel Natural Sharpening Stones , Natural Sharpening Stone opinels , opinel Sharpening Stones , Sharpening Stone opinels , opinel Natural Stones , Natural Stone opinels , opinel Natural Sharpenings , Natural Sharpening opinels , knives , knife , knife accessories , knife care , knives accessories , knives care , grinding stones , sharpening stones , opinel knives , opinel knife , opinel knife accessories , opinel knife care , opinel knives accessories , opinel knives care , opinel grinding stones , opinel sharpening stones

  • 4'' Sharpening Stone
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Model: 001541
  • The Opinel Natural Sharpening Stone goes perfectly with any Opinel or folder knife
  • The uniform balance of quartz and carbonates ensures a quick sharpening with gentle pressure (use with water)
  • At 1.3 oz and 10 cm (3.9") long, the natural sharpening stone is portable, lightweight and ideal for pocket knives
  • The quarries of Lombardi, Italy are known to produce some of the world's best natural sharpening stones
  • The natural Lombardi stone has been recognized for its outstanding sharpening qualities since the 15th century
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in France

Customer Reviews

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Good natural stone, not as an Arkansas or a Japanese one, but good.

This is a lovely natural sharpening stone, not as good as a natural Arkansas or the natural Japanesse stones, but has a pretty good quality, perhaps int the 800 to a 1000 grit range.

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