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Ontario 18" Sawback Machete (Black)

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Ontario Sawback Machete. 18" carbon steel sawback blade with black zinc phosphate finish. 23-1/4" overall. Black high impact shatterproof polymer handles. Scabbard available separately. 

Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Beastly, but needs better teeth

Construction: This machete is made from 1075 (some sources say 1095) steel with a tough plastic handle secured with rivets. The blade is through-hardened, which concerned me initially, but not after I used it. I have chopped through 8 inch pine and 6 inch hardwood with it. I have also batoned with this machete, including one instance in which it sprang back straight after a 15° bend. I have struck rocks and stumps (accidentally) after passing through brush. It dings, but does not chip the blade. A few strokes with a file brings it back to slicing sharp. It's the thickest machete I've used, so it's heavy, but it can still swing fast. Just beware of the follow-through.

Ergonomics: The pinky hook on the end is more useful than it looks. On multiple occasions, it has kept me from throwing the machete on a swing through the target. The handle is square with rounded corners. This is not overly comfortable bare-handed (I use gloves), but is very effective at preventing twist when the target bounces or redirects the blade. The weight means it acts a lot like a hatchet, but with slightly better balance.

The only reason this gets 4 stars is because of the saw teeth. They are short and have no set. I tried to drill out half the teeth, but even with a titanium nitride-coated bit, I couldn't drill it. Nor could I bend the teeth to give them a set. They're too hard! I plan to grind away every other tooth. Otherwise, I recommend getting the plain blade machete:

Even with stubby teeth, this is still a beast. I recommend this machete with the understanding that the teeth are ineffective.

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