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Olight R40 Seeker Flashlight

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The R40 is a convenient and powerful rechargeable LED flashlight ideal for police, security, industrial, emergency and home applications alike. The unibody design makes this a remarkably sturdy light that shrugs off heavy-duty use for the law enforcement community. If you’re looking for an emergency light, stand it upright with an optional diffuser for softer area illumination. The light is charged directly through the tailcap with a standard micro-USB, making the R40 a cost-effective choice for bright light and easy to charge on the go. The side-switch power indicator eliminates the guesswork of when you’ll run out of light, but with up to four days of light from one full charge, know you don’t have to constantly be searching for an outlet.

  • Side switch cycles through three brightness levels, activates strobe, and serves as low battery indicator
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with charging cable included
  • USB port glows red while charging and green when fully charged
  • Lock-out function to prevent accidental activation
  • From the off position, automatically return to your last brightness level with the built in memory function
  • Waterproof up to 2 meters
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body with anti-scratch type III hard anodizing
  • Stainless steel bezel provides protection from drops
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O-rings (x2)
  • Micro-USB Power Cord
  • USB Power Supplier

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Decent light for it's size

This is a very sturdy flashlight. It feels very strong and durable. First the good. It's rechargeable. That's a definite plus. And not only is it rechargeable, but it lasts a long time. You can go days without recharging this light, and can even recharge it from a computer. Now the bad. The lowest setting light is pretty much useless. It's so faint I can't even tell it's on sometimes. There's a big drop between the first and second light setting, even though the highest setting is very bright. Secondly, the lockout button isn't that great. I've found the light on in my pocket several times. You need to depress the button for about two seconds to unlock it. A two-step process would be better in my mind, because people do keep these lights in their pockets. As the light gets pretty hot, that could get to be a problem. I've looked for holsters for this light and they are kind of scarce. It doesn't appear they make one specifically for this particular light. If they do, I haven't found it. Overall, though, it's an excellent flashlight and brighter than most lights this size. I'd recommend it despite the drawbacks.

Olight R40 Seeker Flashlight

Quite simply the brightest, best light I have purchased to date. It holds a charge forever. I let the battery run way down before charging it so I don't ruin the memory on the battery. I let it sit about 2 months or more, and fired it up the other night looking for an armadillo in my back yard.
This thing is simply AMAZING. No regrets. I have about 10 tactical flashlights. Olight is very Underrated.

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