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Magnetic Poetry Kit: Nature Poet (USA)

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Like other Magnetic Poetry Kits, this one contains 240 little word magnets (each measures about 1.25" x .3") that can be moved around to create imaginative poetry. This set contains idyllic, nature-themed words so poets can fashion poems about the glorious outdoors and the beautiful natural world.

Nature has been a primary inspiration for poets since the invention of the word. This kit provides the seeds of metaphor and imagery that nature lovers hunger for.


Magnetic Poetry is a toy and creative writing aid consisting of individual words, often related to a particular theme or topic-printed on small magnets which can be creatively arranged into poetry on a refrigerator or other metal surface. This resource can help with writer’s block and the creative arrangement of words. ELA (English Language Arts) and ESL (English Second Language) educators find them to be a good learning aid in teaching.

  • Primary Subject: English/Writing
  • Grade Start 7
  • Grade End: Adult
  • ISBN 9781935305002
  • EAN 602394031204
  • Brand Name Magnetic Poetry
  • Weight 0.25 (lbs.) 
  • Dimensions 3.25" x 5.25" x 1.25"
  • Made in USA

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