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Kupilka Premium Firesteel 8 Firestarter (Finland)

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Color: RED

The premium Kupilka FireSteel 8 creates up to 3000°C sparks for easy fire or stove lighting in all kinds of weather. Featuring a European sourced ferrocerium rod for highest quality and hottest sparks, the included compact striker and ethically produced reindeer leather cord make carrying and use a cinch, and the long rod handle can be used even with mitts on. An essential piece of fire-making kit.

  • European Ferrocerium Rod 
  • Premium Made in Finland
  • Size: 8 mm x 65 mm
  • Overall Length: 124 mm
  • Weight 47 g (including striker and leather cord)
  • Ambidextrous Metal Striker (Long Side for Righties, Short Side for Lefties)
  • High Quality - Made in Finland.


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