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Knives Of Alaska Xtreme Yukon #1 SureGrip

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Knives Of Alaska Xtreme Yukon #1 SureGrip

The Yukon Belt Knife elliptical blade style proved itself with hunters and trappers in the far north years ago. Model 1 features a grooved thumb choil for increased grip comfort and safety. The Model 1 also includes an edge on the back of the blade extending from the point for 1 3/4". Blade steel finished in our popular hunter's non-glare matte finish.

Made in USA. Includes nice Leather sheath. Elliptical blade achieves long skinning radius with low drag Grooved thumb rest for comfortable and safe grip. Additional sharpened top edge


KOA Yukon

Item Number 00820FG

Metal D2

ockwell Hardness 59-61

Bevel 18 - 20°

Knife Length 8-1/2

Blade Length 3-3/4

Weight 3.9 oz

Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Leather Sheath Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
kevin c.
real world performance

the right design,D2 steel and edge --- it works .

Plainly practical with design foremost in this frankenstein knife.

One of the best knives in my possession. Great D2 steel. In that grey area between stainless and not. Waiting to see if it will get a patina. AMAZING EDC and a nice leather sheath, does not have enough heft to it to bushwhack or baton but it does damn fine work right from the box. I've fully skinned and processed a deer using ONLY this knife. Still hair popping sharp. Fish, bird, and other small game? No problem. I live in SE Alaska and can easily say this can keep up being in the bush. Retention strap is a necessity out here as s*** will go flying out when you're in thick brush. Lost my benchmade 162 Sibert going through it.

Definitely don't but any other!!!!!!

This is the best knife that I have ever put in my hands! I have a few high-end hand made knifes that I have paid several hundred dollars for and other top made knifes that are well known as well and I can tell you that this is the best belt knife that I have. In my 30 plus years of collecting and working with knifes I can honestly say that you can not build or buy a better knife for the money. Made out of good steel and American made. I started looking at this knife over three years ago compairing it to the original Canadian belt knife and can't believe I wasted all this time to buy the Yukon.. do not wast a penny on anything else.. especially the cold steel version.

It's a beautiful piece, but not meant to be displayed. Buy it an USE IT.

This is an amazing knife. I've had a lot of hunting knifes in my almost 50 years of outdoor adventures, but this is by far the best. I wish I had found this knife when I was in my twenties and saved time and money experimenting with all sorts of blades. Just holding it and comparing it with other "hunting knifes" I really got a sense of what this knife is. It's a no compromise hunting knife that feels like an extension of my hand. Until you hold one you will not comprehend how it becomes part of you. It's a beautiful piece but not meant to be displayed. Buy it an USE IT. Get it bloody dressing game and enjoy. You will not be dissatisfied.

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