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Kizer Serape Series Mini Bay No Lock Knife Colour G10 Handle V2583C1 (1.875'' Black)

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This knife is designed by Liz and Azo. The G10 handle with colorful colors is different from the previous Mini Bay. Compared to creating products, Kizer would love to say that we are trying to construct a new and fun lifestyle. Everything around you is to create more joy and make you feel happier and more easeful.
Whether you are a fashion icon, a street trendsetter, an outdoor camper, an office guy, or a suit-clad businessman, colorful stuff will always steal the spotlight for you.

  1. Knife—Mini Bay V2583C1
  2. Pouch
  3. Cleaning Cloth
  4. Makers ID Tag
  5. Barrel Bead
  6. Extra Screw set
  7. Card

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