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Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K Framelock Knife

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Kershaw Knives and Emerson Knives have joined forces on a series of knives that combine the precision engineering of Kershaw with Emerson's uncompromising functional design.


The CQC-6K features a modified clip-point blade for versatile cutting ability. The blade has two finishes: a satin finish on the upper and a stonewashed finish on the grind. The handle's front scale of textured G-10 offers a secure grip and the handle's stainless steel back has a solid frame lock.


The CQC-6K is a manual opener using either the thumb disk or the patented Emerson "wave shaped feature." This opening feature enables the knife to be opened as it is removed from the pocket. By the time the knife has been fully withdrawn from the pocket, the blade is deployed and ready for use. A small wave-shaped tab on the top of the blade is built to catch on the pocket seam, opening the knife as it comes out of the pocket. This instant-open feature is a favorite among military, rescue, and law enforcement knife users.


 The pocketclip is reversible for left- or right-handed carry.


Customer Reviews

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Kershaw Emerson Knife

It's a great knife for the price. This knife looks good but it doesn't open well. It is like the spacer on one side of the blade is wrong. Every time I close he knife the blade scrapes on the frame. I tried to adjust how tight the screw is and it doesn't matter. The specs that I don't personally like such as the knife blade facing up inside my pocket and the amount of force it takes to open the blade. Its a nifty idea to have the seam open the blade, but I feel that it would tear up my pocket seam over time, Overall the steel of the blade is great and the finishing look of the blade is beautiful.

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