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Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Camp Knife

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Best for Outdoors, Survival & Protection

While it would be a lot of fun for our marketing department to sell the Camp 10 as the ultimate zombie-whacking tool, the truth is, it actually has a lot of other uses that you just might find to be of a more immediate nature than zombie defense. Not that we’re ignoring to the coming Zombiepocalypse, mind you. We just think that the Camp 10 makes a pretty awesome camp knife and that it does a great job of whacking campsite or other outdoor chores down to size in very short order.

From clearing brush to making kindling, the Camp 10 is the ideal outdoor and survival tool. Cut, slash, hack, split, scrape—just about any task you ask of it, the Camp 10 can handle. The full-tang Camp 10 is made of carbon tool steel for toughness and wear resistance. A basic black powdercoat protects the steel and makes maintenance easier. 

You’ll like the secure, contoured grip of the Camp 10, too. The handle has a built-in hand guard and is drilled in both front and rear so you can attach a lanyard either place—or both—for carrying versatility. Of course, if a zombie does get up close and personal with you, then yeah, you’ll be pretty glad to have a Camp 10 in hand, too.

10” blade made of 65Mn carbon tool steel is finished with a black powdercoat for added toughness and easier blade maintenance

Designed for hard use applications such as clearing brush, stripping bark, removing tough vines and small tree removal

Full tang handle wrapped in a non-slip rubber overmold features secure contoured grip, built-in hand guard and front and back lanyard holes

Molded sheath protects during storage; features nylon straps and lashing points for versatile carrying capacity

An excellent companion for hunters, trail maintenance crew, landscapers, survivalists and anyone in need of a large high-performance blade


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Strong Sturdy Chopper.

Good strong chopper with many other uses. I was very excited when I found this thing, and even more excited when I got it. I have only used it a few times, but those times showed me what it could do.
I needed to chop down a few small saplings that died in the backyard. I have an axe and a saw, but I wanted to give this thing a try. So try I did, and worked it did. It chopped through a 4in diameter sapling in about 60 seconds. The blade bit well and released easily enough. I then cleaned the thing of some smaller branches and several of them I could just "push" them off with the blade. Overall it worked very well and did not disappoint. I will say that it did have a few hotspots as the handle is rough feeling. This could be remedied with paracord wrap though. Without that though my hand was red and a little tender in a few spots after chopping.
Overall I am very pleased with the blade. It has a good weight to it, without being too heavy. Sharp out of the box, and well shaped for chopping and a good feel in the hand aside from roughness. The other thing is the sheath/scabbard is a bit loose on the knife. It is function and sturdy but loose. Would never use in a vertical carry. Still in spite of the sheathe and rough handle, I would definitely recommend.

Man....this is a winner!

If you are a into carrying large knives into the field, over an ax,
this may be the one for you.

It feels wonderful in the hand, nice comfortable handle, very grippy.
The ergonomics of the blade alone make it an excellent chopper and its got
a good weight to it.
The sheath is actually pretty nice too. You can easily rig it to ride
higher by your waist, or lower on your hip. You can adjust the straps on it for right, or
left hand carry, (great for me, because I'm a lefty). You can even adjust it for side carry.
No rattling around either!
. The length, weight, and overall design, actually lend this thing to be one of
the easiest large blades I've ever handled, to be used for machete oriented jobs. I really like
this, because when I am out in the field, I often find myself wishing I had a machete with me,
I just can't warrant carrying one along, I need something thats going to be able to split wood as
well, and I just don't feel that a machete is suited to much besides clearing light brush here in the
The price point is where this thing really shines...and I think blows its competition out of the water. For $40 you are getting a large, well designed, carbon steel, full tang Blade, with a pretty good sheath, from a reputable manufacturer. Considering what this thing is capable of...I'm just not sure you can find too many other bargains like that. I think this thing is on par with the Cold Steel Trailmaster, or the Ontario SP50 and the my opinion anyway. I bring those up specifically because they are popular bowies with stellar reputations, and I own both of them. Having used all of these...I can tell you that this Knife performs and holds up. I even favor it. Now check out the price tag
on those others...this thing is a bargain.

If you are a big knife really have to own this. I go in phases of using different styles of tools and had been leaning towards using a hatchet for sometime. This thing brought me right back ...

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