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Kelly Kettle Scout Kit 41 oz Stainless Camp Kettle w/ Stove for Fishing, Hunting, Hiking

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This Ultimate 'Scout' Kit is the best camping kettle for small groups or families, Car Camping, Fun Family Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, Bushcraft & Outdoor Education, Hunting, Emergency Preparedness & Off-Grid Survival Kit. Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kits are absolutely the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products!

This Kit includes:

  • 'Scout' Kettle Includes (41fl.oz.) stainless steel kettle, fire base and green whistle.
  • Hobo Stove - Place this onto the fire-base of your kettle to create a stand-alone wood-fueled stove. Takes up no extra space .... it fits neatly inside the fire base of your kettle for storage.
  • strong>Cook Set - includes 29 fl.oz. Pot with pan/lid, grill set and gripper handle. Place the grill pieces on the fire-base to grill over the coals or, to simply create a base for the Pot/Pan to sit on.
  • 2 x Cups - 17 & 12 fl.oz. Single walled Stainless Steel. Compact: Cups have folding handles & pack inside each other. Drink, eat or cook in these cups!
  • 2 x Plates - Dishwasher Safe, Stackable, Durable and tough. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Rim around the edge protects fingers from getting burned when plate contents are hot. Can be used as a Pan for cooking
  • Base/Pot Support (New Model) - Use this to a) Cook fast-cooking items like Rice, Oatmeal, Noodles, Soup etc. over the chimney of your kettle, while your kettle boils. Note: Keep the kettle full with water when using the pot-support over the chimney. Or b) Use it to level uneven ground under the fire-base or simply to eliminate scorch marks to lawns, timber decking & picnic tables.
  • Storage Bag
  • Please see images of the various items in use.
  • Model: 50120

All items are Stainless Steel and fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport / storage.

Now you have it all! Every product that Kelly Kettle makes, all in one place. The "Ultimate" Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Scout Kit! This ultimate complete camp stove kit includes everything you need to boil water, cook fast and survive. Whether you want to cook above the chimney while you're boiling a kettle full of water, or just want to cook over the handy Hobo Stove accessory for longer periods of time; you can do that, and much, much, more with your Kelly Kettle Ultimate Camp Kit. Need to measure out 16 oz. of water for your freeze dried meals? No problem! The stainless steel packable cup set has measurements in both oz. and ml.. Plus, now you get our brand new packable plate/bowl set, which also packs away with all the other accessories in the handy Kelly Kettle carrying bag. You already know the benefits of owning a Kelly Kettle - No fuel to purchase, no canisters to dispose of, works perfectly every time, in ALL types of weather, and at any altitude. The Kelly Kettle can even be taken on planes back into the back country. No restrictions here! You've been waiting long enough. Be prepared, and purchase your Kelly Kettle Camp Stove today. What's Included: - Medium Stainless Steel Scout Kelly Kettle – Holds 41 oz. (1.2 liter) of water. Large Stainless Steel Cook Set - which includes 32 oz. pot - Lid/Frying Pan – 2 Piece Grill Set - Pot Gripper. Kit also includes the Pot Support for cooking above the chimney - Large Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove - Two Stainless Steel Packable Kelly Kettle Cups with CooLipTM protectors and measurements inside in both oz. and ml. and, two stainless steel packable plates/bowls. The Kelly Kettle also comes with a handy carrying bag, that holds all the Kelly Kettle products in one place. The “Ultimate package”. . . The best bang for your buck!

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The Base Camp Ultimate Kit includes Stainless Steel Base Camp Kettle, Cook set, Large Hobo Stove, Kelly Kettle Pot Support, 2 Stainless Steel Camping Cups, 2 Stainless Steel Camping Plates, Storage Bag. All items fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport / storage.
  • BOILS WATER ULTRA FAST. The Base Camp stainless steel camp kettle boils approximately 54 oz of water at a time. That’s about nine – 6 oz. mugs of water for camp coffee, tea or hot cocoa. The kettle will bring water to a boil within a matter of minutes. The best camping kettle for large groups, base camping, family camping, hunting, fishing, scouting, car camping, picnics, outdoor education, emergency preparedness kits, humanitarian aid stations.
  • BURNS ALL NATURAL FUEL. Never pack fuel again and save money. Kelly Kettles are cost free to run and eco-friendly, as they use all natural fuel such as twigs, dry grass, heather, birch bark, pine cones, dry animal dung, etc.
  • CAMPING KETTLE WITH WHISTLE. A green whistle has replaced the orange stopper on the Kelly Kettles and will sound a nice loud whistle to let you know when the water has boiled.
  • BEST CAMPING KETTLE IN BAD WEATHER. Kelly Kettles are the best kettles for camping as they work extremely well in stormy, windy weather conditions. They are a vital piece of camping equipment for any outdoor adventure. Extremely dependable as they have no moving parts to fail or break.


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