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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (USA)

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The Tactical Spork, which is made from food and water approved Grilamid, is equipped with a fork/spoon combo and has a serrated knife hidden in the handle.  The knife is accessed by pulling the spork in opposite directions from each extreme end. **Hint--avoid gripping the flat panel area in the middle of the Spork--this is actually part of it's lock. The tighter you hold here, the more difficult it will be for you to pull out the knife!**

The Tactical Spork is 6.875" overall and has a blade length of 2.5".  It weights 0.1 lb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Surprisingly Nice

I ordered this more out of curiosity than anything else. Now it stays in my bag just in case I need an all purpose eating utensil. I am going to buy a couple more for camping and just to have around in general. To my surprise, the knife will actually cut steak! Don't let the plastic fool you. The knife is no long as you use it for its intended purpose. You won't be carving any wooden statues with it but you will not have a problem cutting into a nice juicy piece of meat.

Tough - able to withstand a former military member putting it through its paces

When you marry someone of prior military service, you instantly become aware of how important equipment and tools are. For some reason - everything must be multipurpose, of highest grade material and must be able to hold up to anything they can throw at it.

Enter the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork - a tool so rugged even prior military loves it! Funny enough it was just something random discovered on amazon one day and my prior military member HAD to have it. So - I fired up my prime and ordered it.

Upon arrival the package was torn open and immediately the Ka-Bar was put through its paces - cutting any food that could be pulled out, stabbing said food to test the spork and spooning liquids to measure fluid capture abilities (seriously this happened).

The Ka-Bar knife slides into the handle of the spork making it not only safer for lunch box storage but more discreet as well, even a steak knife is questionable at campuses these days. It has been in daily use for months and still shows no signs of wear. This is tough! if my former military member can put it through the paces and it doesn't even show wear? Its totally worth it! I think I may purchase a second one for the Christmas stocking this year - just to have a backup in case this one is stuck in the dishwasher or misplaced or forgotten at the office. Its that versatile.

The latch that holds the two parts together also has not shown any signs of wear and is just as stiff and crisp as it was the day it arrived.

Good Product, tough and rugged - and besides that "it looks cool"

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