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Hults Arvika 5 Star Racing Axe - 4.5 lb head, 32" handle (Sweden)

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Hults Bruk Arvika 5-Star Racing Axe boasts a massive 4.5-pound, hand-forged Swedish steel axe head.

Designed for use on Australian hardwood, the wide 5.5-inch blade profile makes large V-shaped cuts in hard, knotty or frozen wood. The axe head is secured to a solid 32-inch American hickory handle with both a steel and wooden wedge. A great axe for practicing the standing chop, or as a workhorse for felling and splitting.

Arvika was its own forge in Sweden. In the early 1960s, Arvika ceased production and Hults Bruk purchased the brand and 5-Star pattern. For the next 50-years, Hults Bruk continued selling the Arvika 5-Star in select markets, making it a sought-after axe in the United States where it was previously unavailable until now.

The axe head is hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel in a foundry that has been in operation since 1697.

  • As part of the hand grinding production process, the steel is struck multiple times thereby increasing its density and resulting in more durability of the axe.
  • The head is constructed in such a way that there is a tempered zone designed to hold a very sharp edge even after many sharpenings.
  • The curved hickory handle is treated with linseed oil.
  • The Arvika is designed to be profiled and customized by the end-user, a practice recommended only for those with experience.

Maintainence: Always Oil the Axe Head to keep it from rusting after every use. Use Linseed Oil on the handle from time-to-time for waterproofing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Will R.
Beautiful axe, arrived fast

Haven’t had a chance to swing it yet but the Arvika arrived and it’s a beauty. Handle is also better than I was expecting and came with one of those HB leather sheaths as well. Product shipped very quickly, super happy with the purchase, and barring anything unforeseen, I would definitely order an axe from North River in the future.

Jason T.
Amazing Axe!!!

This axe is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way!! The craftsmanship is impeccable and the weight and design is perfect. Well made!!

william s.
Practice axe

Delivered on time. No issues. Thank you.

Great Axe For a manly man!

Nothing better than 4.5 lbs for a good workout. The axe was sharper than my knife out of the box. Well made product. Will buy more in the future.

Excellent chopping Ax

Excellent chopping Ax. Felled trees in minutes compare to any other I have used. Continues to hole an edge time after time!

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